Easy Twisted Pigtails Hair Style Inspired by Margot Robbie

Here’s a quick and easy hair tutorial on this twisted pigtail hairstyle which Margot Robbie wore during the press tour for Suicide Squad!

A lot of you requested a how to on this hairstyle and I was more than happy to make this hair tutorial! This is a great 5 minute hairstyle. It can totally be a heatless style if you want it to be! Obviously, Margot Robbie has beautiful fashion and style and I think this hairstyle is the epitome of styling pigtails in a fashionable way!

★What I used:★

  • Curling Iron: Nume Titan 3 with a 1″ Barrel
  • Metagrip bobby pins from Sally’s Beauty Supply


  1. Is nobody going to talk about her arm muscles?!??

  2. I have super thick curly hair and a lot of it and it took me few tries and bobby pins to get this too look good but I think it's so cute

  3. Ok honest question can somebody tell me why in the videos I watch of them curling there hair they like hold the curly bit up close to there heads I never do that does it make any difference should I start doing that?

  4. I wish there was a love button, this hairstyle is beautiful ❤️ thank you so much for showing us how to do this hair! 🙂

  5. It's so cute hairstyle I loved it…thank you…!!!

  6. I feel that is all fake… I can't do that.. when I put the elastic the twist just detwiste themselves….

  7. I would do this all the time at school ? glad it got popular

  8. I think I like the way you did it the first time best

  9. OMG yessss!!!!!! I love that you explain where you put your hands because that's what I'm trying to figure out watching hair videos so that I can do it easily!

  10. Getting sirious Wendy from Wizard of Oz vibes rn! 🙂 Really good tutorial definitely thumbs up ?!!!

  11. Hi Kayley! What is the specific shade of your hair color?

  12. you look like taylor skeens ?

  13. I love your channel Thank you!

  14. the twisting is fine but I fail at putting the elastic in… it all get's lost :/

  15. Soy la unica suscriptora de este canal que habla en español???.. 🙁

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