Easy Unicorn Fauxhawk for Halloween | ☠ Halloween Style Scene

Add a little fantasy to your Halloween look. Sarah Coy has a delightful hair tutorial that’s half My Little Pony, half rock ‘n’ roll. Follow her step-by-step guide for a unicorn faux hawk, and make All Saints Eve a magical one


  1. Did a test run tonight, it was pretty sucessful, glad I took the time to try it though because I have long curly hair and trying to manage that was interesting.

  2. I'm doing this for Halloween!!!

  3. I really liked this. I'm trying it out.

  4. I think you should of used a banana clip to make it easier and left some hair out in the sides and used them to hide the strings by pinning the hair back. But love this idea. Thanks

  5. What do you think of this unicorn hairstyle?

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