Easy Updo Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence’s Golden Globes Style


  1. i started watching you back in 2013 and I remember this! i went on a mormon mission and came back and looked you up because i've always loved your tutorials!! told all my friends about you! hahah so glad to be watching these again!!

  2. Great Video! Please can you make a tutorial for her beautiful wavy hairstyle? Thx

  3. I Love The Hairstyyle from Jennifer Lawrence. Can you make a tutorial for her Wave hairstyle? Thx

  4. What is the curling iron you used? You said you would say what it is yet you never did.

  5. where did you get the curling iron

  6. I thought your name was Andriy. YOU LIAR!!!!

  7. Hello! I'm Amanda.I did -10 lbs last 2 weeks.Go to hawght.so#tOdh

  8. Just tryed today! GORG(: thanks!

  9. Will you be doing a review on the curling wand that you've been using?

  10. Last year you did tutorials from The Hunger Games which I loved, could you please do Catching Fire ones when the movie gets closer please? (:

  11. can u do a tutorial on the vampire diaries prom updos??? thanks 🙂 and i love ur channel !! its my favourite hairstyle tutorial channel <3

  12. Gorgeous 🙂
    Since it's prom season, can you do an elegant half up style or any style for prom? Something that looks well put together and stable but elegant as well? Haha love your videos !

  13. You're just as beautiful as Jennifer

  14. I love Jennifer Lawrence and you so this is perfect! Thank you! 🙂

  15. i know i'd just end with a hairstyle that looks a hot mess lol…as though I've just woken up and I have a mushroom head….

  16. Gorgeous hair style. The "messy" look suits me, lol. My hair is pretty much passed waist length now but it isn't all even in length so messy do's tend to suit me better. This is a beautiful style and really quick to do too by the looks of it. Lee x

  17. Wow that was easy but it looks so chic! Lovely

  18. please make the kristen stewart hairstyle at the kids choice awards 2013!!!

  19. i am SO glad to see you back, even though it wasn't for that long

  20. i'm so happy the you're back, i will love if you can do the Kristin steward hair in the KCA 2013, love your videos so much!! :)x

  21. Yay! I'm so glad you're back. I've been needing my hair fix

  22. Oh my god, it looks exactly the same!! I admire your work so much, you're amazing!

  23. Hi Kaley! You are back (: I hope you are better now (: I love this hairstyle!

  24. Jlaw killed awards season – I love your tutorials! Xo

  25. I really love your hair curled only on the top of your head…You look like a lion :DD

  26. Omg! I love it! Please do a KRISTEN STEWART hairstyle at the KIDS CHOICE AWARDS!!!

  27. love this! more messy updos please 🙂

  28. although i love your videos, i would definitely like to see you do monthly favorites, or product reviews just so we could see what you like and don't like & what you would recommend. because i watch your videos religiously and it would be nice to see a little bit more of diversity! <3

  29. Could you do a tutorial on Anna Kendrick's hair in Pitch Perfect. I love the one with all the braiding but I cannot make it work for me no matter what I do. I love your videos and use them all the time for ideas!

  30. do some more gossip girl hairstyles, and some 5 minute messy hairstyles for school! 🙂

  31. Recently I've been curling and flat ironing my hair a lot, I had a GHD, but it's getting really damaged; could you please do something on heatless curls or hairstyles. I LOVE your videos 🙂

  32. so pretty!!!! LOVE your hair color

  33. So easy, this was awesome! Could you maybe do a video about victory rolls and other such vintage hairstyles? My prom is coming soon and I'm looking for a very vintage style, and I really enjoy your tutorials 🙂 thanks!

  34. Want more vdo of you and your husband! Love seeing you two together 🙂

  35. Even though the it's sold out can we at least get the name or size of the iron?

  36. You look exactly like Sarah Drew!!! (April from Grey's Anatomy) Does anybody else see it?!

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