Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial || Roxxsaurus

Here is an easy way of getting the perfect winged eyeliner everytime! I hope you enjoy it. -Roxi

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  1. Omg I have the exact same felt tip liner!! I've just tried a different one on my eyes & it didn't work out very well ? I think I'll be using this tutorial next time!! ?

  2. I can only wear my eyeliner like this. If I do a full wing on my whole eyelid I look old and tired!

  3. Have you done gel eyeliner before? I found out my eyes can be very sensitive to normal liquid eyeliner, and gel works. Are you able to do one for gel eye liner

  4. I can't believe it helped lmao. Tysm

  5. Thank you so much for this roxi ? It really helped ❤

  6. This is exactly the look and tutorial I have been waiting to finally come across. Thank you!!!

  7. Any small youtubers want to support eachover?

  8. I was thinking like, why in the world is the camera so close to your face, but then I remembered it's a makup tutorial

  9. Thank you for the advices about hooded eyes. I have them and all the makeup disappear when I open my eyes

  10. Honestly, you look better without makeup

  11. I actually think I am crazy, I literally watch this girl day and night

  12. wow you're gorgeous!!!
    Thanks so much for the tip!

  13. love how you explain this. it helps a lot. thanks!

  14. Very very beautiful…
    I like your videos

  15. god, yout video helped me so much .. before every liner looked so creepy but this natural one looks so amazing ! :3

  16. your skin is so flawless rox i'm so jealous girl <3

  17. your eyeliner is always sooo nice?

  18. Your my number one makeup go to helper 😀 I was struggling with the wing eye and my brother actually asked me if i rubbed my eyes with it on. That told me i needed help XD. xx

  19. Thank god!!! Finally a tutorial for us girls with small lids:)

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