Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial


  1. What is that song called that you used in one of your videos? It starts with winter but i dont know the other word please please pleaseeeee tell me because i cant find the video you made that you out the song in. All i know is a girl was singing it and it wasnt very long

  2. eyeliner don't really work with me are why maybe because i have huge eyes or my eyes shape already left it to up so are need too i line them to left them

  3. I click to subscribe in first 5 seconds! ♥

  4. "get your eyeliner on girls and boys !" thank you for not making any difference ?

  5. u have a video getting nose done?

  6. She reminds me of sabrina carpenter ?? Why ?

  7. you're really pretty tho, thanks for the tutorial anyway

  8. Your tip on looking down in the mirror is amazing. I always looked up and wondered why I'm not achieving the look I wanted so THANKYOU ?

  9. Hey bae, you look gorgeous without makeup!! You dont need it 🙂 I think you are much more beautiful without eyeliner than w/ it <3 luv ur videossss!!


  10. soo simple and beautiful i love it❤.

  11. where do you get your nose ring?? love your makeup looks!

  12. im in love with your hair color!

  13. I also have that gel liner, thought the brush that come with it was useless, gel dried on it and it become hard. I'm using a concealer brush too, thought I was the only one haha 🙂 

  14. cute!! i love your videos!

  15. Does anyone else thumbs up her vids before even playing lol. Been winging my eyeliner since I was 16 n i remmeber when it used to be a mission? comes to me naturally now thank god!!

  16. Did you remove the music after you had uploaded the video, if so, how? :)Also, this was really good eyeliner-advice 😀

  17. It's 2015 and I'm almost seventeen years old and I still don't know how to wing my eyeliner.

  18. I love your hair color! What's it called?

  19. I love your videos so much!!!!! ????

  20. You're so pretty, I'm incredibly jealous

  21. Your honestly my all time favorite youtuber.

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