Easy Zebra Nail Art


  1. East?? I don't think so…

  2. why dose everything you do on your nails look so easy and when
    i do it myself i mess up 😉

  3. This isn't that zebra …. Like this is the only tutorial of yours which I don't like over other ones

  4. THIS IS VERY INPORTANT! do u put the top coat right away when u finish the design ? Or do u wait when it's dry?

  5. I used a dif color and it was sooo cute:)

  6. So a zebra has a white skin with black stripes? or could it be black with white stripes??

  7. Could you please somehow do Taylor swift nails?

  8. can i do it on middle short nails

  9. If you guys don't like hearing her or think she's coping someone else then don't watch it be respectful in these comments or don't even make them at all keep your disrespectful comments to yourself please!!!!

  10. Why do you sound so down in this video? :O

  11. it pretty and cute

  12. Nice, but the stripes are too short 🙂

  13. I think that zebra French tips is the same but just do the tip

  14. do a tutorial on how to do zebra French tips

  15. a small paint brush is totally cool! 🙂
    And u can alsways just cut it off a little to make a thinner striper… 🙂

  16. could you just use a bobby pin's end instead of a striper?

  17. Refer to a picture of a zeeeeeeeebra 😀 haha sounds so strange

  18. and how you have decorated the thumb) for a 4-nail zebra, leopard, tiger, giraffe, what animal is the fifth fingernail? hitch … 😉

  19. Dear cutepolish, how do you make up your own designs? Do you see other peoples things, and do them or do you make them up on your own? Please awnswer! A random person, TNTrainbows

  20. Ugly very ugly try acid zebra nail art

  21. Sorry, this just doesn't look like Zebra at all. professionDQ shows how to do it perfectly in her video "Acid Zebra Nail Art" thumbs up so people can see.

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