EASY Zig Zag Nail Art

❤ Here’s a bright and bold nail art design that’s totally easy to do!


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  1. Your videos are amazing and so helpful! Where do you get all these creative ideas?

  2. Love this design!! Especially the colour combinations which are gorgeous ❤️❤️

  3. I luv your creativity.btw I voted for u:)

  4. Can we pleaseeee see your face more often?

  5. love your videos! what camera do you use??

  6. these are so cute and simple omg <3

  7. Love this design and the colors!

  8. I feel like you've run out of nail ideas, no hate

  9. I have the pink nail polish you used in the video!

  10. I voted for you! 🙂 good luck!!! I love your designs!

  11. great idea when you can't decide between two colors. haha

  12. Hey Hannah loved this look it would be great for spring and summer I hope u do some summer tutorials too cause summer is literally around the corner other than that love your videos

  13. Hi can I have the name of the music please 🙂

  14. I went to the Sally Hansen page and started browsing the contest entries, and yours is among the best I've seen 😉

  15. The colours together are stunning! Cool design:)

  16. Perfect <3 like all of your manicures!.

  17. How do you get such clean lines when you remove the tape?
    Although I remove the tape when the polish is still wet, yet my lines don't seem to be clean.

  18. I love all your nail looks they are so pretty.

  19. Nice. Pretty color combination. 

  20. Whenever I use tape on my nails it messes up the already applied polish. I haven't tried painters tape though, I might have to try it out :)This colour combination would look interesting with a matte top coat! Perfect for a summer manicure

  21. Wow, that's almost hard to look at, it's so bright!

  22. missjenfabulous did this exact same thing

  23. I love your videos!!! Your tips help me so much.

  24. Can you tell us how long you waited until you put on the tape

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