Edge Nails with Decal Nail Art

Suzie takes her latest Nail Design: Edge Nails and adds a spectacular look with Polish and Decal Nail Art.

  • 0:55 Two Coats of Grey Polish
  • 2:30 Choice of Decals
  • 2:47 Removing the Decal
  • 3:10 Applying the Decal
  • 3:36 Trim with scissors
  • 3:57 Adding Decals to the other Nails
  • 5:52 Last Finger – the ‘Pinky’
  • 6:05 Decal is too Big – Trim to fit
  • 6:33 Top Coat
  • 7:31 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s


  1. I've lived throughout the US and I've only heard it pronounced dee-cal. My husband from the west coast has always pronounced it dee-cal also. I think it's the the later generation hasn't been taught the proper pronunciation.

  2. Lol at the Americans in this comment section…

  3. Even worse than cristine's pronunciation, haha ^^;;

  4. Never doing dishes with those, never doing dishes anyways though lol

  5. hearing Suzie say decal reminded me of the Coneheads movie…"make the necessary corrections and remove the decal!"

  6. I like the glitter under the gray on top it's like a surprise

  7. I love the way people in Canada say decals.

  8. I hate how almost every comment is about her pronunciation of "decal". [ And yes I am aware of the irony. ] Everyone does realize she's Canadian, right…? And that like most other English-speaking countries outside the US, they pronounce some things slightly differently? -_-

  9. You are the only person i know who says decal like me. Every time i say it people are like wut?? I say it that way too 😀

  10. Great video, Suzie. Thank you!

    I was wondering, could you paint over these (gel or plain polish) to leave the texture beneath the surface but have a uniform colour?

  11. Suzie: deh-Kulhs
    Cristine: dee-kulh
    Most people: dee-cal

  12. we say decal like DEE-cal and the a sound in cal is pronounced like it is in gal. I like the way you say it better. where are you from again?

  13. @Nail Career Education Hey I've been watching your channel for months, and I have to say you have inspired me so much. I would never have thought to use acrylic on my nails but thanks to you I now want to learn. My question is have you ever used the Mia acrylic monomer and Mia acrylic powder? I am planning on ordering this product and was wondering if its was a good product. Thanks in advance.

  14. you do really good i have vary long nails and FINALLY i found a good wroker and thats you

  15. where to buy it..??
    i am frm India…

  16. is it dee-cals or deck-als lol????

  17. Love you videos and where can I find these decals? Love them!

  18. OMG THATS NOT HOW YOU SAY "DECAL", its pronounced "Dee-cal"!

  19. I am so hooked on these videos. very informative and funny:) what gel polish and regular polish do u recommend that apply easily and have great coverage?

  20. "these scissors are HANDY" ok suzie i see what ya did there

  21. I am totally in love with this, it is so pretty, thanks for been such a great youtuber Suzie.

  22. Suzie, where'd you find the decals? Can you let us know the vendors that have these types of decals? I'd love to get some.

  23. Hi Suzie. where did you get your decals from?

  24. Where can I buy the tools and products you use in your videos?

  25. Looks soo pretty with the glitter underneath the nail

  26. The sparkles on the underside of the grey look like a peekaboo kind of deal C:

  27. My goodness, why are people saying "deck-ls"? It's "Dee-CAHL"

  28. please make a video on the removal of decals it's hard..

  29. The design look amazing but I don't like the nail shape.

  30. I love how the sparkle shows through underneath

  31. Every time she says "deh-kuls" it makes me laugh lol she's such a cute lady.

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