7 Effects Of Drug & Alcohol Use On Your Skin

Drugs and alcohol have a 360-degree effect on your body!

Your physical, mental, and everything in between.

Nothing is with that short-term euphoria that you feel for a few hours after you consume the substance.

This is one of the reasons there should be more awareness of drug and alcohol abuse, and it destroys multiple lives.

The patient as well as the people surrounding them!

If you are still curious about doing a drug and are confident that you wouldn’t get addicted, then this is an article you should definitely read.

How good is your skin?

Aren’t you so proud of that glass texture that you received over the holidays after eating so much healthily and giving up on burgers for months?

Now just imagine a small pill or a pea drop of power taking all those efforts away in a heartbeat.

They wouldn’t care about your efforts and make you look aged, ten times more in just a year.

Are you still willing to do drugs?

If you are not convinced, then why not keep reading this article.

How Are Drugs & Alcohol Usage Is Bad For Your Skin

Alcohol Usage Is Bad For Your Skin

Before we discuss the different effects of drug and their usage, here is what you can do when you are battling addiction.

  • Take a good look at your skin.
  • Accept that you have a disease from which you need recovery.
  • Book your consultation about inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation for relapse prevention if you plan to stay sober from now on.

It is never too late to ask for help, and addiction is not the end of the world.

If you can, then talk to a therapist or someone close to discuss the next plan.

Now, come back to the effects of drugs and alcohol on the skin and your hair. With drugs and alcohol addiction, you have to say goodbye to good skin and lustrous hair.

These are some of the reasons why you should never think of abusing substances like drugs and alcohol if you care about your skin and health.

1. Early Aging

If you ever compare the pictures of someone who has done heroin for more than a year, you will be able to recognize the difference between before & after.

Because of the constant and drastic chemical reactions, your skin is under a lot of pressure. Plus, it is unable to receive the proper nutrients since drugs and alcohol are taking most of them away.

Thus, creases, wrinkles, and folds are very common among patients suffering from an addiction.

2. Lip & Gum Problems

Your lips and gums are always dry, and this can cause cracked lips, bleeding, and infection as a result.

If you are constantly smoking something, then the effects can get worse. Plus, your tooth will soon start decaying from gum problems.

These are some of the signs and symptoms which prove whether someone is under any drug. Thus, if you are suspecting a close one, their skin and teeth are the first things you should check.

3. Dryness & Inflammation

Your body is constantly dehydrated when under these influences. Thus, your body will start getting dry, along with your skin.

Dry skin of that intensity is calling for constant itches. We have seen cases where people have scratched their body parts to the point that they bleed.

These cause inflammation and very dangerous infections in some cases when not treated for a long time.

4. Needle Scarring

This is specifically for heroin and other drugs that individuals inject into their bodies for the most effect.

These excessive needles can create scars all over the place; these are commonly called ‘track marks.’

If these are scars properly, then the infections can kill you along with chances of overdoses.

5. Less Healing

Less Healing

The chemical reaction in the central nervous system does more than just affect your psyche. It has drastic consequences on your immune system, which means fewer platelets.

Fewer platelets are equal to less healing. So, forget about needle marks and excessive scarring; if you get injured elsewhere, there is a possibility that your body is healing slowly.

If your body is healing slowly, there is a possibility that the scars are going to be worse.

There is less healing and more scarring because your tissues and cells aren’t working the same way as before.

6. Thinning Hair

When your skin is not receiving the right nutrients, needless to say, your hair isn’t either.

The scalp is not moisturized since drugs and alcohol have made you forget about daily hygiene. Then there is your lack of nutrients which will cause thinning of hair and eventual hair loss in time.

With these physical features, it is almost impossible to hide the fact that someone is abusing substances.

7. Excessive Acne

Excessive Acne

When you constantly touch your face while taking less care about your hygiene, there is something about the toxins of the drugs that can make your skin worse.

If you already have acne-prone skin, it can get worse with drug abuse. Although you might think that the dryness might help to control the oil on your face, it is the ultra-dry skin that can lead to more oil secretion.

These are some of the skin ailments and conditions that you have to deal with if you want to enjoy the euphoria of drugs and alcohol at all times.

Drugs > Youth!

If you want to keep your youth intact while you are young, you will have to give up on drugs and alcohol.

There is nothing wrong with getting old, but you should get the signs of aging organically without forcing it for temporary euphoria.

If you are dealing with addiction issues, get help immediately!