Effy Stonem ‘Skins’ Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys! so today I decided to film this really fun and more wearable makeup tutorial inspired by Effy Stonem from the TV Series ‘Skins’. Effy is one of my favourite characters from Skins and I love her makeup so I decided to recreate it to try out something different, I hope you enjoy! PS. PLEASE EXCUSE MY EXTREMELY DRY SKIN TODAY :((


  1. i know people change, we all change but i realy realy miss the old non stuck up Roxi be4 her channel blew up

  2. You were so cute in your older vids! ? This makeup look is great btw, so simple & easy to do! I'm definitely going to try it one day ? Btw I loved Skins ?

  3. Love this tutorial!<3
    I'm watching Skins for the 5th time now & Effy is my absolute favorite!

  4. the look doesn't look a single bit like effys?

  5. this only looks best when u have blue or light eyes. It kinda sucks when u have dark eyes.

  6. When you find other people who like Skins…

  7. I can't believe she watched skins! ?

  8. Thanks, for this Tutorial… I love this makeup!

  9. I got excited when I heard observer drift XD

  10. omfg love this!!! best effy inspired makeup on here ! xo

  11. tiene una ceja mas arriba que la otra o k?

  12. Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Tove Lo in this vid??

  13. I love this!! I hope that I will do it like you

  14. this is definitely my favorite of all the Effy tutorials I've seen.
    I mean, the all look great but this is the only one that I could actually pull off (I'm incredibly pale)

  15. wow beautiful ! You are very lovely !

  16. Your one my most favourite youtubers!! I loved this tutorial ♡♡

  17. I love this tutorial!!! All the effy makeup tutorials I've seen people do aren't all that great because they try to hard and make it look to organize and neat in a way..but yours is amazing!! I absolutely love it!! I feel like you got her look spot on

  18. please please please make a Cassie make up tutorial too!!!! pleeease <3

  19. Subtle, pretty, unique. Adore this <3

  20. i love how you do everything more wearable

  21. You've got such a cute accent ?

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