Elegant Fall Nails

Hey guys! Here is a list of some of the products I used (the ones available for sale) and links to buy them. I hope you enjoy the video.

  • Glam and Glits Adore (Diamond Collection): Here
  • Drill bit to perfect lines: Here

The drill bit comes in a set of 30 and it is very inexpensive, it should be the 6th one in the box but if not it’s definitely in there so please look for it. These drill bits are extremely gentle. I hope it helps.


  1. Really nice desinge!!!!Only rhing that i do not like is the way you make them thick at the cuticle…or maybe there is a reason?Please tell me so that i know.Anyway i still like your vids???

  2. I've been bing watch all your videos. You are amazing!!! Be nice to get my nails done by you!

  3. Wow I love these! Really wish I was better at acrylic. I do more gel nails but I really need to learn how to do acrylic. This technique and design is awesome!

  4. That is so pretty I love them I love all of your nail designs I wish my nails were like that

  5. I really DON'T understand….who TF goes on someone else's channel to offend them because they copied someone else's background or anything else for that matter! This is YOUTUBE….we ALL copy somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is kind of the point! We learn from one another! I'm really starting to HATE human! I love your background! And your videos are dope!

  6. I was thinking you guys used the same place lol you modeled that real good. You shouldn't have to put up with nasty messy comments

  7. I love suzie and watch her videos all the time and I didn't even notice it looked the same, people are just nit picking.

  8. by far the BEST I'VE ever seen. GREAT WORK!

  9. just block them assholes…they don't deserve to watch the video anyways

    PS: my first time watching your videos

  10. Disrespect vs criticism? If you're going to be on youtube you're gonna need a thick skin, you can't cruise through life thinking there's going to be no negativity.

  11. Keep doing you Queen. I love Suzie too but she is only the millionth person to use that kind of lighting. Sharing is caring and I admire and appreciate you sharing your amazing gift. Blessings

  12. love this set of nails…don't let haters ruin your mood!!!!

  13. love the background, I love you and Suzi!!! You both are awesome!!!! Thanks for all the videos I've gotten a lot of inspiration from you. Lots of love from a New Orleans nail tech

  14. What school did you go to? I want to learn how to do nails but I don't want to go to a random school for it.

  15. who cares about a stupid background???? jesus some people are real idiots. how making a similar background hurted anyone??? grow up.

    great job HON! <3

  16. me encanta tu trabajo eres una artista ??

  17. Are you able to show your products as you dip into them? I would love to see how much you put on your brush.
    Also, your work is great! I love your artistic flare!!! Go girl!! Thanks for sharing!! Stay positive, as will I! ?

  18. when will you have new videos I love you!

  19. Why do you use gloves and is it easy to do nails with them on?

  20. Honestly these are so beautiful! I've never seen this technique! Excellent work, you're amazing. X

  21. you shouldn't be getting any hate because you work so hard just to help us out and give us tips, thank you!

  22. This design is absolutely stunning, I love it. I've started to do my own nails, (self taught from YouTube) and I love your unique designs you come up with. Please keep posting for us xxx

  23. I love your step by step instructions paired with you showing how the nails should look after each step.

  24. How long does it take you to do a set like that?

  25. Ur so good i wish that i was as good as u at nails like serasly

  26. Did any one cringe from the blade Part I literally had to skip that part then watched again??

  27. Did you do a special school for this

  28. hi there,
    i would like to ask you could use the magnetic cat eye powder?please.

  29. What about all those beauty vloggers who all have the SAME gimmick for heir videos? Everyone has a white or pastel background with a vanilla candle burning in the background. Then there's a random cup of tea that says "love yourself" or "smile". They all have the same Marilyn Monroe poster in the back and a random flower pot. And people say that YOU'RE copying!? Pssh, at least you gave credit.

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