Elliptical Workout Tips & Tricks | Fitness How To

Elliptical trainers are a gym favorite. Not only is this cardio machine joint friendly, but it is also super versatile. You can go forward and backward, work your arms and legs, or focus on your core. Here are some tips to get the most out of this machine for your next elliptical workout.


  1. Купил жене в подарок эллипс, брал в зоне спорта, скидку сделали хорошую и модель посоветовали отличную!

  2. Спасибо за обзор! Мало информативных видео по этой модели. Машина отличная, тихая, плавная, заниматься комфортно. Купил эллипсоид через интернет магазин Зона Спорта.

  3. хороший аппарат, купил такой в зонеспорта, точнее чуть более старшую модель)

  4. хорошее видео) эту же модель покупал в магазине зонаспорта, хорошо модель подобрали

  5. Am I the only one who gets leg cramps after using this machine? I woke up with three leg cramps in a row once.

  6. No beginner ever starts at 150 strides per minute. stoopid

  7. Thats a crosstrainer elyptical trainer got the weel in front

  8. As a beginner for how long should I do each movement?

  9. The elliptical KILLS my knees. I tried it again the other day and couldn't even stay on 5 minutes. Idk what I'm doing wrong.?

  10. Using that machine is look like swimming… Is an complète moviment

  11. i ussually get 20 minutes a day on that machine at home… ? it makes me sweat a lottttttt, much better than any cardio machine and less or non possible injury ?

  12. She’s going too fast, I can barely understand what she’s saying, why doesn’t she enunciate her words, it certainly would help.

  13. What's this machine called?

  14. Be careful going backwards… I did and gave myself a two month groin pull

  15. It was my first Day in gym today Trainer told me to do thus I was like??????

  16. The host is such a phony. 'so I can do no hands both backwards and forwards?'. You know the answer to that! Don't be so fake.

  17. hi, which is better for weight loss : elliptical or bike ???

  18. I can never tell if someone is going forward or backward on these things

  19. I think you need to take some time and go to Unflexal to learn about workouts.

  20. Another tip is to hold in ur stomach (not ur breath) while on it

  21. So what's a good brand to get for home, that's under $200.00?

  22. how many price for this machine?

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