Elsa Frozen Nail Art!

Nail art inspired by Elsa from Frozen! In today’s nail art tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how to EASILY create a perfect Elsa nail art design from Disney’s beloved movie, Frozen. This DIY nail art tutorial is super easy to recreate with the use of temporary tattoos! You can find Frozen tattoos at your local toy store, or you can always find them online (amazon, eBay, etc!)


  1. What a tattoo trick, good idea.

  2. But the nail art was Beautiful.

  3. It's not princess Elsa, it's Queen Elsa.

  4. +cutepolish OMG! YAS! FROZEN IS DA BEST! Oh and btw, I really like the way how you painted your nails with the REAL actual Queen Elsa on it. Its so fab! 😀

  5. "cut out her head"

    cutepolish has just became an assassin

  6. Okay I got my Elsa sticker and then what

  7. Lol I love frozen! It is such a good movie!

  8. I'm gonna do one hand Elsa and the other Anna

  9. I'm was finding this now I've seen it it's really bueatifull even for your nail

  10. You make Elsa look real????????

  11. Is that a sticker Decal or a tattoo?

  12. for a second I thought u had to actually paint Elsa on ur nail

  13. Wow!!!!! Elsa is my favourite frozen character

  14. love it so simple and easy for me thanks

  15. So with the Elsa one do we have to use the white colour?

  16. She is not a princesse she is a queen

  17. You know Elsa was actually supposed to be evil

  18. she does good nial art I love he'd veidos

  19. What is the white polish you used called?


  21. Please do nail art including princess Belle!

    – via YTPak(.com)

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