Emerald Green Smokey Eye


  1. Love the way you snatched it?

  2. Desi, what shade are you in the Too Faced foundation?

  3. Anyone know what shade she used in the too faced born this way foundation ? Trying to compare her shade to mine in a newer video ?

  4. desi ? you're such goals! so so beautiful as well as talented. I love all your tutorials but there is something about this one it suits you down to the ground. the green eyes are stunning! ! you're such a beautiful soul I love you. what an inspiration and watching your videos has helped cheer me up through many a tough day xx

  5. The best green eyeshadow look I've seen. ? just what I needed to go with my outfit

  6. hey may i know ur born this way shade? thanks

  7. What shade are you in the too faced foundation?

  8. Amazing make up look ,u are beautiful and love the lashes!!!

  9. What straightener do you use? Cause my currently broke so I'm in need of a new one, thanks ?

  10. can you do a lime green shadow look?!?! 🙂 your makeup is always on point 🙂 x

  11. If anyone wants to check out another beauty channel! I have one. 🙂

  12. Hi! I love this look. And I have a question about the eyeshadow you used – "red earth" from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Is there any way to find the alike colour in some other cosmetics brands? MAC, NYX, Inglot, Balm, Sephora or mb others. Cause it is impossible to find one in Poland. Thank you! You're the best 😉

  13. Why after you applied the eyeliner it looks like there is no eyeliner? o.O

  14. İ love you so much i dont speak english very well sorry but i think you best first youtuber i'm turkish and i'm teacher and you first first first i think ?????

  15. Does anyone know what color of the foundation she uses thanks

  16. I lurvvvvvv. Still best look of all time

  17. PLEASE HEEEEEEELP. what kind of make up from yours fit for me???????????/

  18. What shade are you in too faced born this way foundation.

  19. you are amazing!!!
    what shade of too facede faundation did tou use?

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