En Chanté Opaque Buff Sculptured Nails


  1. the way you explain the placement of the beads makes it so simple! ty!

  2. Thank you so much. I learn more from you every time I watch your work. So amazing!

  3. Hi, I'm trying to find the practice sheet, how do i go about ordering it? Please help. Thank you.

  4. Tammy never has natural growth under her nails. She must constantly put on new sets. Look at all her videos and you’ll notice it too!

  5. My five-year-old daughter enjoys your videos. We just finished a tutorial and she asked, "mommy can we subscribe to it?"

  6. Great instructions throughout

  7. i love these videos where they are long and you talk us through them!! thank you

  8. Hi Tammy I have been doing nails since 1987 and I have always wondered what you looked like, it is so nice to see you. I have never used your product but I am going to purchase a kit.

  9. She's such a genuine lady.

  10. Beautiful collection, i love it ?

  11. Amo seu trabalho !!! Suas unhas são perfeitas !! Minha inspiração !

  12. Wow, I loved how the nails came out. They look so beautiful. Also loved how u took ur time to explain the steps u did in depth. I've seen many nail tutorial videos and they all speak way too fast. So thanks. Just subscribed to ur channel.

  13. Beautiful. I can't wear acrylic after developing an allergy years ago.

  14. all the colors are beautyful, love it.

  15. You make this look so easy! Amazing!

  16. OMG !!!.. the video that I've been looking for… Square Nails…most of the videos that are available are ballerina nails. and I really like the way you say "side, side center" you made it sound so easy.. ^_^ I love you!!

  17. I love these colors! Such beautiful acrylic

  18. who does your nails Tammy they are beautiful

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