ENDING MAKEUP SHAMING! – GO-TO Ultra Glam Makeup Tutorial

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After doing my Power of Makeup video I felt like we as a makeup-loving-community really stood up against makeup shamers. Sadly, there are still people who think we do it because we’re insecure or because we want to please men. Today I’m showing you how to do my go-to ultra glam makeup look! This look always makes me feel like my best self, and no makeup shamer can take away that feeling! Hope you guys enjoy & thanks for watching!

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  1. make up shaming lmao society today

  2. Yo! I love makeup and idgaf about whoever has a problem with it. I will conceal highlight and contour for the heavens and you.will.deal. You can't shame me cuz idgaf about your opinions. I'm grown af and I will wear whatever I want on my face however the hell I want. You can keep your opinions to your damn self #cakefaceclan

  3. OMG I love the eye AHHH it gives me life rn. LOVE U NIKKIE !!!!

  4. I get makeup shamed by my cousin ?but @NikkieTutorials taught me not to care and just to blind her with my highlight? so thankyou for being such a great inspiration to me i love you gorgeous ??

  5. The power of makeup video was the first video I watched of yours and I've been watching you ever since. ?

  6. My boyfriend is very attractive and Im not. When we go out in public together or post pictures on social media when Im wearing makeup we get comments like "Cute couple" and nice things like that but when im not wearing makeup we get comments like "hes too good for her" or people try to call me out that we are not really dating. My Boyfriend loves me for me and i wear makeup for me, not anyone else.
    also HI from Australia.

  7. shiit im getting that TF eyeliner i had to snapchat the intro and put it on my IG story cause lord knows some people need clarification
    LOVE YOU NIKKIE MUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. We must think a like because I just did a video similar to this? I think as make up lovers we should inspire each other and bring each other up instead of bringing people down and discouraging them from trying, it's honestly disgusting how people in specific women degrade others just because of make up. I love you Nikki??

  9. When I was in 8th grade, my 'friend' called me a slut for wearing lipstick

  10. I'm all for this channel and I love NikkieTitorial but I just wanted to say that

  11. I was makeup shamed by my own family.. I went to my room and cried for hours. (I'm emotional, but isn't every girl) ? Well going my makeup the next day. I just went wild with my makeup. And from that day on, I learned that who gives a FRICK! Do what makes you HAPPY. Love you so so much nikki. That you for the words of wisdom❤?

  12. I've never been makeup shamed since I don't wear makeup, but I wont shame someone for wearing makeup and I do believe it's a form of art on my self I won't wear the full out kardashian makeup trend styles, because my skin is very sensitive so wearing it isn't my thing, but watching other people do it on themselves I love the most.

  13. I have every reason to love you nikki! your the best!!!

  14. Yaaaas slay! Ur amazing I love it

  15. If u all wanna do that stuff to your face u don't really care or have Problem. But when you start calling parts on your face "problem areas" that's just wrong

  16. you are so beautiful, with or without makeup. i say keep doing the full glam and do whatever makes people happy w makeup!

  17. When she didn't mention the glow I think she's coming out with a colab

  18. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! I think this may be my favorite look i have ever watched!! You're seriously incredible…. xo

  19. eyeliner sharper than donald trumps wig point

  20. Thankyou for this video, it looks amazing as per! My picture got featured on Buzzfeed a while ago as a beauty blogger and I basically got make-up shamed in the comments for wearing eyeliner and lip liner – like for reals, I hardly even had any on! OFF TO GET THIS APP! x x x

  21. Whenever I try to wear a winged liner or a red lip, my parents tell me that I look ridiculous. If I'm out in public and someone is wearing an untraditional lip color, my parents automatically judge them. I think it's really sad that a form of art and expression brings judgment upon us, whether people may think we want attention or we're freaks. I think it's great that you're bringing attention to makeup shaming, because we should judge based on character, not something that washes off. I love you Nikkie!!

  22. Can't believe you're 23. You look a lot older than I thought and I'm almost 26.

  23. Can you do a makeup collections tour? I know its something that you have never done before and since it looks like you have a lot of makeup it would be cool to see a tour!

  24. i love you so much thank you for saying this it needed to happen


  26. I don't know how u got 500 thumbs down… you are amazing!!!!!!!! I'm a beaver girl and so u show me you don't have to be a size 8 and below to rock the blame look…. I love makeup… not bcz I'm insecure but bcz I have a passion for it… u r so right…..

  27. do a video with the girl in the video!!!!!!

  28. Yes Nikkie! Swim with that setting spray! ?????

  29. I love makeup because it's a passion of mine! Just like diet and exercise is a passion of mine. It's not for everyone but it's what makes me the happiest!

  30. You are so inspiring and amazing makeup artist you are Beautiful and are just awesome!!!!!!

  31. Please check out My Music, I'm Broke.

  32. i always wear a full face of makeup to school, but after seeing this video this makes me wanna be a lot more confident in myself and not wear it bc other girls look good and i'm afraid i don't look as god but instead i'll wear it for me so i'm confident and happy, THANK YOU so much for uploading this video ❤️

  33. I feel like she should have went for a more nude color lip, but the eyes are amazing!!

  34. she should do the oppisite contor where the contor part in the highlight part and vice versa

  35. Your tone makes it sound like you're talking about real problems. Giving an opinion on a trend is not a real problem.

  36. This was inspiring. Thank you for telling the world that we don't wear makeup for boys, or because we are insecure.

  37. YES YES and YES. I could kill my ex w that wing

  38. I love playing in makeup! For meeeeeee!!! ????????

  39. Nikki is so beautiful with or without makeup ??

  40. Whenever I go downstairs wearing a full face of makeup and I ask my mom what she thinks (mainly referring to the eye area) he'll usually be there and say "it's too much". And I'm like "did I ask you?" He needs to learn to love girls without AND WITH makeup on.

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