1. where do you even put so many shoes????????

  2. now I want to go get shoes. well I kinda have an addiction like u….. lol

  3. I loved every pair in here except a few

  4. Nicollet looks like a puppy , a cute puppy

  5. plz vdo on how you store your shoes!! <3

  6. it would be cool to see some of the outfits with a few of your favorites for inspiration ?

  7. I love numbers 13 and 25 they were lush

  8. i loved your long shoes collection.:-)

  9. omg i love the pink high heels where you got them ???

  10. Super cute concept and I love the concept of the video!

  11. im obsessed with the pink one from zaful

  12. I think u should add more flats in your collection @nicolettaxo

  13. I think u love heels ? but I'm not a heel person which r too high I loved the nudes and black shoes ? #4ever21

  14. Wow, Nicoletta, you are so beautiful !!! Your shoe collection is bomb. My fave is seeing you in the black thigh high boots – they really are fantastic for you. Thanks for this video, I love it. I`ll be your fan now…

  15. wish I could wear heels but already so tall ??

  16. privacy lack label mm-hmm festival delay apple school lightly vision.

  17. What is your shoe size? I am really curious ??

  18. I'm OBSESSED with the Maroon one from Forever 21

  19. You are so beautiful you have such a huge shoe collection I'm not a big shoe person myself but girl you rock every shoe you have you go girl I love you so so so much~ stay sweet as always and happy new year ??❤️

  20. I love your blue paradiso shoes??

  21. Damn youre legs are looking so strong, its amazing ?

  22. OMG!!! Shoe goals!!!! ??????????

  23. omg sooooo beautiful legs and you are so cute. ??

  24. What are the best leg strenghting excerises if you don't have a gym

  25. I loved most of it! ??? you have good taste

  26. omg that pink baby shoe wowwww????

  27. my fave is the grey urban planet shoe ( 4:26 ) ♥♥♥

  28. the lil petite heels dont suit ur legs u need a chunkier shoe to look good with ur muscle

  29. Ahhh love all of these shoes! I love shoes too but my feet grow so fast that they only last for a year or even less ?

  30. i like almost all of them, some were weird but cool lol

  31. I use to have some many beautiful heels!!! Once I had my babies I gave them away! I love the pink glitter heels so cute!

  32. omg same girl lol I love shoes too and I think I have a problem too. ??? love the video ❤

  33. After watching this I want to go shoe shopping!!! Omg I loved all of them! Obsessed with your style.

  34. hahaha I like almost all of them??????

  35. and the black caparros and both of the urban planets and the black bamboo and the black with gold forever 21 and the black winners and the black with gold heal forever 21 and the black ones from target and the combat boots from sirens and the tall black boots from forever 21 and the tall black boots from urban planet and the sneakers from coach and the boots from uggs and the Nike shoes and the Tommy Hilfiger and all of the skechers and the black and gold ones from coach and the white ones from urban planet and the black ones from ardene

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