Espresso Panna Cotta | Gordon Ramsay


  1. Dear God. Comments such as zoom, cameraman, atoms, molecules do they never end or are they all the same person posting under different names? Don't they know it's all been said before ad nauseum?

  2. Man, the comments on this 1 are gonna be hell, oh,, too late, noooo,,,,

  3. Thanks so much, Chef Gordon! I love it. Please in Portugal what is karthus sugar cream or how can I substitute? thanks

  4. who does the music in this video?

  5. Should've used microscope

  6. Type of gelatin? Gold, bronze, platinum? 2g leaves Dr Oteka style? Or 4g commercial bought leaves? Could you be more specific on the gelatin? Is it for a soft set or firm set?


  7. Use microscopic camera to film the videos , can't see nothing …

  8. Please use a microscope ? ? as a camera.

  9. WTF??
    I can't see the ATOMS ⚛ ⚛

  10. Nice zoom! I just saw the pores of that expresso.

  11. Anyone know where can we can get recipe? and is one leaf of gelatin an official measure or ill different brands have differing sizes of leaves?

  12. Where the hell is Olive oil???

  13. He zoomed so much Its was like watching a vid about space

  14. Lolll I love you chef Ramsay

  15. I'm starting to doubt whether or not that was even Gordon Ramsay preparing the dish….

  16. why wont he tell the measurements of the ingredients……and ya u need to zoom in more bro so i can see the molecules

  17. Where is the link to the recipe ingredient amounts?

  18. I love how the comments are sarcastic and snippy just like the marvelous Gordon Ramsay himself.

  19. Es un postre bellisimo y delicioso. Gracias máster chef.

  20. Was this filmed through a sniper scope ??

  21. i bet it wasn't gordon making it so they just zoomed in on the food to avoid zooming in on the unknown chef

  22. The video is so Italian I bet you could speak Italian after making one of these.

  23. I can give you a microscope if you want maybe will help you zoom more

  24. Getting old, these "zoom in more" comments.

  25. Glass…
    A glass of water, done!

  26. watching this in fullscreen gave me a panic attack because im claustrophobic.

  27. Wait – did he just say Expresso?

  28. God, that slow-mo is making me feel so horny…

  29. "Throw in random amounts of ingredients. Apply random amount of heat. Plate." –Ramsay's instructional videos. And I'm using the word "instructional" quite incorrectly.

  30. AHh that looks so delish. hungry now but its 1am and i should be sleep

  31. Jesus fucking christ gordon fire your camera man this is basically unwatchable

  32. How am I supposed to make this with no measurements?!

  33. he was trying to sound cool with the voiceover at the beginning, but then said expresso

  34. Well this was a dramatic video?

  35. In philippines, it is called peanut brittle yummm

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