Everyday Back to School Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

Hey Larlee’s here is a easy Back to school makeup tutorial plus I added an outfit idea! I know this look is simple makeup, but it will also last long too. I recently did a easy natural makeup look and here is another lol, but like I said in the video you guys ask for me to create this drugstore version. Thanks for watching xo- Laura

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Maybelline brow pencil – brunette
NYC hydro touch primer
Milani Concealer and perfect foundation shade 5
Maybelline better skin concealer – light
Rimmel stay matte Powder
Milani Romantic Rose – Blush
Pixi sculpt and shadow bronzer
Wet n Wild mega glow highlight- crown of my canopy
NYX Matte Liquid Liner
Maybelline color tattoo- beige luster
tweezerman lash curler
Maybelline push up mascara
NYX matte lipstick- Honey Moon!
Maybelline master fix setting spray

Top- American Eagle
Pants- Fashion Nova
Shoes- TOMS
Bookbag- benefit (gift)
Watch – Michael Kors
Hat- Target
Gold Necklace – missguided
Black choker – I stole from Christen Dominique!

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Morphe Brushes USE CODE LauraLee for 10% off your total order!

CLICK MY LINK TO ORDER: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/c/1424
CODE: LAURASIGMA (for 10% off the entire purchase)

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  1. Omg I love your channel ❤️‼️❤️
    To die for

  2. I'll put like powder contour/bronzer but just like u didn't feel like doing blush I'm not doing eyeshadow??

  3. The video was nice but who would wear that much makeup to school everyday if i would wear that much makeup everyday my teacher is going to notice it can you do something much lighter plzzzzz

  4. I love this video! Such a simple but glam look

  5. 0:41 where the watch glistens in the light and the music goes along with it is just, holy.??

  6. You shot the most amazing moving pictures in the crappyst naborhood ? also you looked so different withought the shades

  7. WHAT IS THIS SONG? That's the real question here

  8. The intro was sort of…too long honey

  9. This intro is my life goals! <3 Laura you killed it!

  10. LITRALLLYYYYYYY YAAAAAAAAAAASSS!!!!! ?? the jewellery is GORGE! Editing is everything

  11. I absolutely love this look as an everyday look. the lip color is beautiful!

  12. Use lash sensational by maybelline for a great mascara
    Or I love extreme crazy volume by essence

  13. when the 1st second played i screamed: DRESSCODEEE!!!!!

  14. she does her eyeliner perfect every time like if you agree

  15. Love this video very entertaining 🙂

  16. hey laura! i just started watching your videos about 2 weeks ago and i absolutely adore you. i was wondering what would be a good drugstore highlighting brush? i cant seem to find a good one. keep up the amazing videos!

  17. what's the song? i've been looking forever!

  18. Amazing, wish I could do my makeup as good as yours!!!!!!!!!! <3

  19. No le gusta que te presumes mucho solo xq el maquillaje no es de marca no tienes q decir que oh actuar con una cara de mula. Recuerda que hubo un día que no tenías nada hasta que tuviste tantos suscriptores. ?

  20. What's The Song At The Beginning?

  21. who is here from sahar nazari 's night routine?

  22. You're like in your mid 20s and this is not even a legit everyday school make up tutorial. Nobody should wear that much make up to school, ever.

  23. hi Laura, I'm new to your channel and to make up all together and I love you videos! however I was wondering if maybe you could do something like a one brand only tutorial please? preferably NYX? please? it'd be very helpful. thank you.

  24. I swear I need to know what the song is called in the intro ??

  25. slays my life and didn't put anything on her face yet

  26. LMAO "that stinks, smells like caca" ???? you gotta love her if you don't then there's something wrong with you, no offense. ??

  27. "with bronzer you can fake it" ?

  28. Is Milani a "drug store" brand?

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