Everyday Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

Hi Larlee’s this is my everyday drugstore makeup tutorial. A drugstore tutorial was very requested so I decided to go with my everyday version. I think the false lashes are a bit much for everyday makeup, but it takes me less time to apply the false lashes than it does for me to build up my natural lashes so thats why I applied them in this video. Everything is drugstore in this tutorial. Thanks for being here and watching xo- Laura





D I S C O U N T – C O D E S


  1. what lashes did she use in this video??

  2. your makeup is stunning but could you post a more subtle everyday look? I am a teacher and would love some tips on simple daytime makeup tips! Thanks 🙂

  3. awesome eyeliner n lipstick?

  4. luminoso is everyone's fav not coralista lol

  5. to fast and and not get the names of the products

  6. I would vote for you for president!!!!

  7. why do u look so different lol this was just a. few months ago

  8. i love this every day makeup look it's so pretty and not to much it's just perfect girl.❤?

  9. I'm from NC so I love her accent!?

  10. I watch your videos so much I begin to say concealer like you while I'm doing my makeup ???

  11. Can someone please explain this to me I honestly want to know. Why is it that if there are cheaper drugstore alternatives to higher end makeup that does just as good of a job and sometimes a better job than the high end makeup, people would rather spend more and buy the highend? I really liked this tutorial but her makeup looks just as good as it does in her other videos that use more expensive makeup, so why spend the extra money?

  12. What sigma brush are you using to set your under eye powder

  13. ur so beautiful, u dont need make-up.. but its all u..?

  14. I love this look! I suck as finding makeup that looks good on my face plus I have mini break outs so I have no idea if I was good at it I would wear it everyday but I suck!!!

  15. hey Laura i would love to see a short segment on applying lashes feat, what type of lashes are your favorite, which ones do you find easiest to apply, what type of glue do you find best to use for beginners, etc. i have seen these videos before but i really love and enjoy the way you explain products your opinion matters to most of us. I'm sure

  16. and your accent gives me life boo ❤️

  17. anybody else notice how her hair kept changing lol

  18. Looks so easy I'm going to take few tips u keep mentioning. Start with light shade and built it on. Do the same to lower lash too. Watch my brushes and fluffy one for only blending.
    Just a question; was ur beauty blender damp at any point I do have dry to normal skin so I thought I should ask xx

  19. what do you mean you didnt contour,your cheek bones look amazing.

  20. You are a little bit crazy ….I like that

  21. this is so pretty!! I love your videos!?

  22. hey can you do another video on how to do eyebrows with drug store makeup

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