Hey Larlees, todays video is going to be a everyday natural makeup tutorial. I know i’ve done look similar to this before, but this is one of my most requested video to create! Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed don’t forget to comment a cool comment below! – Laura

BRUSHES USED: use code LAURALEE for savings



  1. Omg why did she say this was natural WTF???

  2. One of the most energetic makeup tutorials!

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  4. Hi Laura I just love your videos!!! U r such an inspiration ? So for me I've been sober for over a year now and I had a passion for make up, but while I was active in my addiction I would never follow thru with any goals! I am not being more active in getting out there doing my make up tutorials….
    Let me know if you like to follow my journey and give me support???

  5. This is a good makeup video and I hope you will be successful in all of your tutorials
    Follow me and Ill follow back!

  6. What foundation brush did you use?

  7. Laura, I just wanted to tell you that you were my first Youtube love. Even as I branch out and subscribe to other people and other subjects, I always come back to you and you're still my FAVORITE BY FAR. You cheer me up on a regular basis and I just feel that connection with humor and quest for positive attitudes with you. I never even comment EVER on any kind of social media but I just feel like you should get the praise you deserve. Just wish we could have known each other in life because I feel like we'd be besties or something Lol. LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!!!! ūüôā

  8. If you are close to acenda heights apartment could you go to 182 and do a boys makeup and it is me I love girls doing my makeup and make it how you did it

  9. I really like this makeup tutorial can u do more drugstore makeup tutorials cause I'm broke and cheap?

  10. this was not helpful at all. just a girl making her make-up, thats not a tutorial

  11. What is a good flat top foundation brush?

  12. Fuck u ur a fake son of a cuck. kys

  13. any primers or foundations for oily skin?

  14. Next time you are filming or something, can take on music and dont speak to much. Love the eyeshadow <3

  15. I loved this look. It looks amaze ballz… and I am SUBSCRIBED lol. xoxo

  16. i thought that lizza koshy was in the thumbnail for a second?

  17. You are so fun!!!!! Love your vidéos!

  18. 90% of female youtube channels are make up tutorials.

  19. I love make up tutorials!!!????????????????????????????????

  20. hi laura! I'm denisa, I'm new on your channel and I'm new on youtube. I have 1 question, did you do the give away the mac book air(s)?

  21. soft n natural OMG you make it look so easy but you look Fab,  I'm the old one in the pic, the other is my lovely  grand daughter

  22. shes really good at make up but i dont like the way she talks… anyone agree lol

  23. Lowkey don't like her voice but still liked the video lol

  24. Am I the only one that thinks she looks like a mix of Kim Kardashian and Liza Koshy?

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