I don’t know what color my braids are. I just went to the beauty supply store and picked a color that looked like it would match my hair lol


  • ►Shea Moisture No Rinse Foam Cleanser: Here
  • ►Hairfinity Botanical Oil: Here
  • ►Creme Of Nature Coconut Milk Curl Quench Foaming Moose: Here
  • ►The Mane Choice Manageability & Softening Remedy Stubborn Edges Freezing Gel: Here
  • ►Edge Brush: Here


  1. For those wondering about the foam- it’s similar to a dry shampoo. It has jojoba oil in it which naturally breaks down dirt and dandruff from the scalp. If you plan on keeping in the style longer you’ll obviously have to wash it throughly lol but i only keep them in for about 3 weeks, so this foam alternative or a dry shampoo is enough to hold me out until i take them down and fully wash it.

  2. What braid color (when you went to purchase the hair)did you use when you got your hair braided?

  3. i just got a sew in & i miss your videos so i’m rewatching this! cannot wait til you can upload again!

  4. Aww man! I hate I missed you at the natural hair expo. It would have been cool to meet u!

  5. what is the best blowdryer to use that had a decent comb that doesnt break?

  6. This video is super helpful especially with it being spring and summer is about to arrive ☀️

    I protective style but I normally don’t do anything while my hair is in it, but then when I take it out, I don’t see growth or results I’d like. I’m excited now to try things, oil my scalp, wash it and whatever else.

    Thank you for the video ❤️ your makeup is flawless too!!

  7. The braids look really good on you Kaice. ?

  8. Who do you go to for your lace closure installment cause I'm going to need their number

  9. Hi kaice how do you get to use the 15% discount on th alikay naturals

  10. I am kinda dont like shea moisture for many reasons. But I want to try to protective styling line

  11. i just want to ask a question :what are some products i can use to grow my hair just to keep it simple and quick

  12. Gurrlll can you do a review on the new Mauwi products??!

  13. Whoever did your hair went all out. I love it. . . . How can I contact em?

  14. The link for the edge brush won’t come up for me???‍♀️

  15. Follow my self care page on Instagram ladies! @_materiallypink ? Lets be supportive of each other. ?

  16. What do you use to edit your thumbnails??

  17. I would say braids are my favorite protective style too. I have a weave in right now and I’m already ready to take it out for the same reasons you mentioned ?. Plus braids and box braids are soooo cute

  18. Vidoes are always so informative?? Great work Kaice ??

  19. I genuinely need this video because my scalp has been itching so bad after just the first week of braids

  20. Guys if you could go subscribe to my channel

  21. I saw you at the natural hair show in birmingham, alabama you were at the creme of nature booth. i thought that was you but was not absolutely sure. thanks for coming to the ham.

  22. This hair color with the red lip is bomb ! ?

  23. Your braid color looks like T1B/30, Two Tone 1B( off blk roots) & #30 ends

  24. Yasssss girl looking ???

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