EXPERIMENT: We tricked people with two bottles of the same wine

Ultimate Wine Tasting experiment, We tricked people with two bottles of the same wine, Hope you enjoy our ultimate prank experiment.

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  1. Is blossom is also your channel

  2. Hey guys waren't you making videos of desert?

  3. I can already tell by the way some of them hold the glass that they dont know anything about wine…

  4. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Bỏ ngay mấy cái video kiểu này đi

  6. I remember many of you frome blossom!???

  7. wow, blossom and this channel are related!

  8. ??????️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍???????????????????????

  9. Wait are those the people from blossom? I think they if they are pls tell me by leaving a like on the comment.

  10. This is a mind game
    The last couple of minutes made the whole video worth it, the beginning parts were cringy when people were trying to assume what was expensive, considering they were the exact same? I loved it

  11. According to their appearance in day to day video I could hardly recognise 3 of them

  12. OMG . I think Blossom is conected to so yummy?


  14. they can get drunk right now 🙂

  15. wow!!! can't believe first view ?

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