EXPOSING MY INSTAGRAM OUTFITS! | Where I Shop & Getting Good Deals


  1. I use Shoptarg and it works, really people save your money

  2. Deets on the red skirt please!!! Lol I came especially for that fit

  3. Girl when you dropped your phone ??

  4. Can u do a review on fiction of beauty custom shampoo and conditioner pls

  5. I would love to do a collab with you!!!

  6. You keep talking about shoptagr, I'm gonna actually download it this time.

  7. Did you die your hair? I love the colour.

  8. Thanks for sharing by the way ??

  9. Is it only clothes and jewelry the app helps you to find great discounts on?

  10. Texture on the Runway fit wuz str8 fiyah ?

  11. Notification squad!! I need to see where you shop you have all the cute fits ?

  12. I hear wut u saying but let's NOT IGNORE THOSE BEAUTIFUL NAILS ?

  13. Yassss sis???. I ran here so fast I didn't even stumble. THANK U JESUS!!!!

  14. notification gang! letssss goooooo

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