OMG… I don’t think you guys are ready for this CRAZY Japanese brow product!!! This is a hair extensions gel that promises to make any sparse or thin brows look like a naturally full-bushy goodness! Today I’m putting it to the test to see if it’ll really transform my bare brows into perfection. Thank you so much for watching!


ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


  1. my favorite video was the one where you used you're mothers make up, it made me cry because it just touched my heart ? love you nikki!

  2. This is hard. Sooo I have to choose two. The love to the mommas and this video were my favorite. The emotion and humor made my heart so happy. Thank you Miss Nikki for always bringing love, laughter, and beauty into the world.

  3. Definitely the nye glam
    You reminding us that the look will come together at the end is what keeps me going when I do my makeup lol ?

  4. I loved the mom makeup video! I can only imagine how I would look if I tried that?

  5. My fav video was the natural makeup because I was shook when I saw you looking so flawless when we all know you love a full coverage look, definitely you have to do the natural look more times!!!????

  6. I think my fave video this week was when you did your makeup with your Moms makeup products – it was fun getting to see your Mom n hearing memories from your childhood 🙂 – P.S. you should do a Valentine video week 🙂

  7. I loved the video you did using your mums make up, that was definitely my favorite one ? fun to watch and emotive ✨

  8. Loved the comparison of the huda beauty foundation and the maybelline one, defo going to give the maybelline one a go

  9. My favourite video was the natural makeup look

  10. fav video was NYE GLAM CAUSE DAYUM GIRL YES

  11. my favorite was definitely the natural look bc it's not what you usually do & also the get un-ready with me

  12. my favorite video was the natural makeup challenge because it was just so fun to see you do something new 🙂

  13. my favorite Winter Wonder week video was your skincare one! I love skincare so much, and I love to see other people's skincare routine ❤️

  14. My Favorite Video Was "The Ultimate New Year Glam Transformation " I Love When It's Caked On ??❤️

  15. my favorite video is probably you trying one ur moms makeup it was very funny and I enjoyed it a lot !?❤️

  16. My favorite video has to be trying natural make up and a full face of your mom’s makeup! I especially loved the one with your mom because I can tell that you really love her and it really shows! ❤️

  17. MY favorite video from winter wonder week would be the get unready with me video because it opened my eyes to more skin care products for people that have dry and oily skin ?

  18. My favourite video was the one you used your moms make up in. It was wonderful to meet your mom and hear you speak so beautifully of her, so emotional. Happy New Year!

  19. Favorite video was taking your moms makeup ❤️❤️

  20. Loved the foundation comparison and the get unready with me ?

  21. I loved your NYE glam video! I could only dream of pulling off that stunning look!x

  22. Nikkie my fave video was the mom's makeup video. You reminiscing was awesome, brought back so many memories for me. Love you Nikkie!

  23. My fave video was only mom’s make up challenge! It was super cute and fun, and because that make up have save me so much so many time! Love my mom, you are amazing ???

  24. Loved the video of doing your make up with your mommy's products?

  25. My favorite video was when you did the vs foundation

  26. My favourite video so so far is doing ur makeup with ur mum's makeup it was the most beautiful words i have ever heard of a youtuber that talks about her or his mum or dad it was so so so so adorable and ur mum is so pretty ur such a inspiration and i love u so much. After watching that video i went up to my mum and i hugged her. Thank you so so so much and im gonna say it again ur so unpirational ???? and ur so pretty with makeup and without makeup ?????? U R ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY COMMUNITY YOUTUBER AND I WILL ALWAYS KEEP ON WATHICNG UR VIDEOS ON 2018????

  27. My favorite video from winter wonder week was when you used your moms makeup because you told us a personal story and how much your mom means to you and I also liked how you showed us a little clip with her at the beginning ?

  28. My favorite is between the natural makeup look (because you look flawless in any amount of makeup) or the full face of your moms makeup because I may have shed a tear or two when you talked about your mom and the relationship you have with her.

  29. My favorite video was the natural look, you look so pretty ✨?✨?

  30. My favorite video of this winter wonder week was the video in which you did your makeup using your mom’s makeup kit.

  31. I really loved the get unready with me video because your skin always looks so smooth and flawless and I loved seeing how you achieved it and so i can try some things out for myself! ?❤

  32. I loved the one you did using your moms makeup lol soo cute and funny ??

  33. My favorite video this week was the full face of makeup using your moms makeup because not a lot of people did that video and it was interesting and funny watching it, sad winter wonder week is over?

  34. My favorite was the ultimate nye look, you are literally so talented!!! I think it’s my all time favorite look you’ve ever done! ❤️❤️❤️

  35. My favorite was the natural make up look, it was very subtle and everyday wearable.

  36. My favorite video was using your moms makeup products to do your makeup it was fun and you showed us a part of your life and you very vulnerable and you connected with me personally and from what I know you don't usually like showing your private life (which is totally okay and you should continue doing that ) but I feel like I know you better now and admire you more and not to mention both you and your mom are gorgeous ?

  37. Your Natural Makeup look!!!!! Gurl, I was waiting for this video forever cause sometimes I don’t wanna go full glam so thank you???❤️

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