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FIRST OF ALL: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR 50k SUBBIES! I know it’s not about the number but I am so thankful for getting the love and support from every single one of you! AHHHH I wish I can just hug and squeeze you all!

Anyways, here is my most requested video: My eyebrow routine. Honestly it’s super quick and easy, hope you enjoy!


♡ Products Used:

  • Benefit BROWVO! Perfecting Primer
  • Benefit KA BROW Creme #4 OR ABH Dip Brow in Dark Brown
  • Milani Foundation #05 as concealer
  • Benefit GIMME BROW Brow Gel!
  • Brushes Used:
    No name concealer brush
    ABH Brush #7 (i think!)


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Thank you for watching! I love you, xoxo


  1. The link for the eyelashes dies not work..can someone please tell me where to purchase.thank u!

  2. Manda how did you get this tan plzzzzz do tell

  3. Very painted on thick look … I guess that's the style mostly. Your eye brows are the first thing you notice on your face because they are so deeply thick and dark and opaquely painted on looking.

  4. Hello! New to your channel and already loving it! Would you perhaps try doing an eyeliner video? That would be AWESOME!! xoxo-Sonia!

  5. You make this look so easy! Thanks for sharing ?

  6. Hi! I'm new to your channel. I subbed! You look filipino 🙂

  7. hey! loving your videos so much!
    sending love from our little family to you x

  8. hi im french and i discovered ypur chznel yesterday
    you are gorgeous really !
    can you do hair routine please ?
    bisou kiss frim france

  9. Her hair is black right or is it just dark brown

  10. Where do you work?? Love this!

  11. Your skin color & brows YAAASSSSS! ?

  12. Hi new to ur channel. Love ur videos. Do you self tan?? I would love to know what you use in a video!

  13. thank you sm for this!! a lot of you-tubers for whatever reason do not show their eyebrow routine! i have no idea why but thanks your brows look really good!!

  14. Your makeup always looks stunning. I've been wanting to find a video tutorial on the makeup Rihanna is wearing in "This is what you came for" music video but there aren't any GOOD ones out there. She just looks flawless lol face looks SNATCHED AND BEAT AF!! ??? please do a tutorial recreating this look

  15. thank u for the tutorial

  16. I love how you do your brows!!

  17. Yassss I was waiting on this! ????

  18. Your eyebrows are perfection ??? and your still gorgeous with minimal makeup
    Amy Pinay from Holland ??

  19. You are adorable! Can't wait to try my eyebrows like this ?

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