Today I’ll show you how to fill in and sculpt your brows like a PRO! This is also my updated brow routine. Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!


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Thanks so much for watching, I love you! ♡


  1. And thats why some people pay to tattoo them ???????

  2. Still all of us dont have the same eyebrows so better make sure thats it fits on you…

  3. These are extra af, I gotta learn!


  5. Why am I watching this I only fill in sparse areas in my brow because they're full lmao

  6. Perfect tutorial!!!! Thank you, I can absolutely get my eyebrows down pat now and i'm just 10 minutes instead of 30.

  7. why is she speaking like that, i mean comparing to the latest videos?

  8. Hi Nikkie i was wondering if you could make a new eyebrow turorial unless you still do it this way❤️
    I could not find One there was newer than this one??
    BTW love your videos and your Snapchat??

    XOXO Louise Denmark

  9. Very professional, thank you! You are a true inspiration for many. Is there any reason, you're not dyeing your eyebrows? /Michell

  10. updated brow routine maybe?

  11. Omg like seriously dont someone have any 5 minute brow routine. This bitch ain't got time for that shizzz

  12. I'm afraid to do my brows because I feel like they already look really dark and in your face when I just put foundation on but I want them to look a little cleaner

  13. I don't do my brows but since it's Nikki, I'll watch this ??

  14. linda tem algum brasileiro vendo

  15. I can spend all the time and money to get this look and then…. I have to put my glasses on! I feel like what's the point really if u can't see any of it!

  16. Her foundation is like liquid porcelain. What brand does she use??

  17. The problem is I have very black eyebrows so I got it in the black colour but it looks to dark and the brown looks weirdly lighter then my really brow hair

  18. That eye makeup is SO beautiful! Amazing use of colour

  19. I don't get it lol it's always been extremely easy for me to do my brows perfectly lmfao

  20. A FOUNDATION BRUSH??? now shed only use a beauty blender

  21. Beautiful. Do you have a tutorial on how to draw on eyebrow "hairs" with a brush.

  22. i use the brown shade called cryprus umber from the moderin renicance pallet i barly tap it its sooo pigmented works amazingly

  23. Can you please do my eyebrows because mine are blonde and you can't even see them?

  24. I hate my eyebrows I struggle with them every single day ????✋?

  25. Do u have ur eyebrows threaded or waxed so there's more of a shape?

  26. You're like the female jesus of makeup

  27. You honestly don't look real with all of that makeup! I personally think you look lovely without it xx

  28. Its 2027 and i still cant get this…

  29. lip info at first intro scene plz!

  30. My eyebrows are not twins or sisters they are complete strangers they met in Starbucks once and that's it

  31. whos watching this at 2 am when u cant get to sleep and u have school the next day???

  32. This video absolutely SAVED my eyerbrow game! I love this tutorial, it's so detailed, no more ms. sparce-eyebrows 😛

  33. my eyebrows are an acutal state? I need help, Honestly can't do them at all???

  34. Is it just me, or does her voice sound different? Like an accent or something??????

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