Eyeshadow DO’s & DONT’s

Hello Everyone! today I have an Eyeshadow Do’s and Don’ts video. I hope you guys find this video helpful! Don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe! -Roxi

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Disclaimer: These are just generic rules that seem to work for me, this video is not aiming to offend anyone and if you like doing any of the ‘don’ts’ in this video that is totally fine! makeup is meant to be fun, there is no rules! :3



  1. you look so much like Lauren Bushnell! I'm obsessed ?

  2. I loved this, so creative! bless you, honey (the sneeze) ?

  3. ü r sooo cute can you tell me about pimples i have sooo mny pimples on my face and neck and ur Skin is ssoooo clear

  4. yasss do more videos like this!!!!

  5. i think its funny how often she talks about she talks about being natural when youre literally putting make up on your natural face. i mean i get it but i think its just the smallest bit hypocritical

  6. sooo… the thumbnail is clickbait?…… REALLY?

  7. videoclipul acesta a fost postat de ziua mea ?

  8. The eyeshadow brush tip is really useful to me as I am quite new to using brushes. Do you have a tutorial on which eyeshadow brushes should be used at which stage?

  9. Roxi your a serious life saver no joke XD Thank you once again! xx

  10. This helped me sooooo much!!!! Thank you!

  11. your just gooooaaalllsss <3 and i wav youu

  12. I'd be so thankful if you could do a video for people with hooded eyes! ☺️

  13. soooo helpful!! I didn't know any of this before ?

  14. myślałam że na początku mówisz "uff ale zgon" hahahaha

  15. I don't have a primer but I found out that if you put lip balm and foundation on your eye and blend before eyeshadow it works the same and lasts all day while still being harmless to your skin.

  16. Deep set eyes are not wide apart. They're when there's a large browbone and the eyes are "deep in the socket". Think Jeffree Star or Juliane Moore. Your eyes do not have to be far apart to be deep set.

  17. I have done makeup art for ontrack modeling and a tip for your eyes is after you shadow trace a fine line of a white liner on the corner of bottem lid and a thin line three quarters of the upper lid then finish with a black or brown liner I used qlinic

  18. her voice is look like courtly jester

  19. Who DOESN'T want to look like Ursula? She slays!!

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