Faded French Manicure for Weddings/Prom!

Faded French Manicure! Swarovski Crystal Wedding/Prom Nails! Please SHARE if you enjoyed this video! XOXO


  • OPI – Natural Nail Base Coat: Here
  • KL Polish – Pinky: Here
  • KL Polish – Paper Snow: Here
  • Nails Inc – Lacquer Lock: Here
  • Crystal Katana: Here
  • Pueen – Liquid Nail Tape: Here
  • Swarovski Crystals for Nails: Here & Here


  1. How do you get your nails so long they look so pretty

  2. Can I use top coat instead of glue to secure stones??????

  3. I had to write a comment! Oh my gosh that is the bomb!! Simple and elegant!

  4. Been seeing this around, I’ll have to try it out it looks beautiful! I love the gems you added to it! ❤️

  5. I'm having my nails like this for prom!!!xx

  6. I love this! so beautiful ? ?

  7. very creative!thank you for sharing the techniques. keep inspiring.

  8. How gorgeous nail art it is…. ?????I love that ombre….

    Very nice Hannah!!!!! ????????????

  9. I'll do this today because I m going for wedding at tomorrow.

  10. Cute and simple!

  11. I loved it! You have the sweetest voice Hannah ?

  12. So pretty!!!! ???? Love you Hannah!!

  13. Why was I expecting her to say "glossy taco"

  14. Gorgeous and easy to do baby boomers!

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