Fall / Autumn Grunge Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys!! I decided to film another grunge makeup tutorial since you guys enjoyed me previous ones a lot. Thank you for giving me lots of suggestions for future videos! hope you enjoy~


  1. Does anybody know the song that is used in this video?

  2. You're the only person who makes glittery creases work ??

  3. +Roxxsaurus Do you know the name of the song by any chance?

  4. What's the name of the song ? I love it

  5. my hair used to be about that color before I dyed it lol I wish I had your long hair though

  6. Whats the song called thats at the beginning

  7. What is the name of the song? its great! the look is really great as well. You have beautiful skin!

  8. Whats your hair color? Love ittt

  9. You're so gorgeous !  I wish I had your face structure and shape it's really pretty! Love all your turtorials 

  10. you're one of the most beautiful people I've seen in my life :(<3 , perfect makeup 

  11. Definitely one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. Your hair and eye colour are both gorgeous and you're beautiful with and without makeup. You also seem like such a nice person, I love watching your videos 🙂 x

  12. You are amazing! Thank you, gonna try this look and some of your other looks later. You are so pretty and so good with make up!! And do you think you can write all the products you are using in the description? Cause I really want that lipstick and I can't find it.. 🙁

  13. Your eyes! :3 I love em so jelause hah great tutorial! New subscriber

  14. Your videos are amazing!! i used to subscribe beauty youtubers with millions of subscribers and most of them were so fake and comon that got me so bored….You ;ve got your own style and that is so amazing!!! 

  15. what the is wrong with me… watching you right now makes me believe youre the most beautiful girl ive ever seen (and i never say things like this)…holly crap, you amaze me…

  16. In love w/ this makeup look! Just discovered you and love ya already!!! 

  17. You're probably the most pretty girl I have ever seen

  18. I just found you on youtube and holy your eyes and face! 

  19. I love the ELF eye primer, it is the best one I have used. I tried Urban Decay and other expensive ones but ELF helps my very oily eyelids.

  20. so pretty! lovee the lip color

  21. omg I honestly love this, this is probably my favorite makeup look I've seen. It looks like what miranda kerr would wear haha. 
    So glad I found your channel, deff subscribing! 

  22. You should be a model you have perfect skin and ur beautiful with and without makeup

  23. What eyeshadows were used In this and in what order?

  24. Does she doesn't have social media or something like that ??

  25. In love with this makeup look!! You're so pretty! x

  26. Love this look totally going to try it out!???

  27. What shade of mac studio sculpt do you use? Nc20?

  28. 40,000 SUBSCRIBER!!!!! ??????

  29. Literally my new favorite makeup tutorial, your gorgeous and you've just gained a new subscriber:)

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