Fall Leaves Nail Art

Suzie creates a quick, yet beautiful fall design using nail polish and the Clear Jelly Stamper.

Products used in this video:


  1. Clear Jelly Stamper is offering a special discount to my viewers on anything in their online store. To receive your discount on your purchase, at the checkout enter the coupon code: Suzie

  2. Suzie, I always love your videos! I was wondering if you could post the actual name to the Zoya polishes you used in this video please. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Comb your hair Suzie u are so sleepy ???????????????

  4. love these are stunning may need to add this plate to my collectionxx

  5. Suzie your awesome with nails but can you do a winter snowflake nail art?write back plz

  6. Never put acitone on a clear jelly stamper!! Use a lint roller…

  7. Excuse me ma'am i was wondering why you didn't put a base coat ?

  8. Suzie!!! If you're doing your own acrylic/gel/polygel nails at home, how on earth would you do your nails on the other hand? I'm sitting here with one hand done and utterly stumped as to how to do my right hand ???

  9. The lighter color is making me crave melted chocolate!!!

  10. am I the only one here with short nails?! Work with my hands and my nails have to be short. Wish I could do all these designs, but sadly not with short nails. 🙁

  11. Wow Suzie with coffin nails? why I never…. GORGEOUS!!!

  12. Hi Susie, I brought the stampers! Love them! Do you have to use the polish from the same company too? Please explain! Thanks!

  13. I LOOOOOVE that gold leaf with the red on top. It's just so vibrant! <3

  14. I need these fall nails on my nails! So pretty!

  15. I love the brown colors definitely fall vibes and those leaves are sooo cute

  16. Hi Suzie, love love your videos! Could you do a review on The Apres Nail System?

  17. Am I the only one that thinks her index finger nail looks a bit darker than the rest (not including the ring finger nail)

  18. I really like how your videos are edited!

  19. Would love to see a Halloween inspired video! ???

  20. Girl you are bad to the bone?????❤️?❤️?❤️

  21. Suzie! Please help me. I have a really big problem right now with Lifting. and its always near the cuticle line. Even when its all perfectly done. like a week later I start getting a little lifting, or a lot. and right now my nails are getting quite long, almond style right now. working on growing them. but its bothering me so much that lifting is occurring right now. And, I honestly dont know why. and im so tired of pulling the whole thing off and starting all over. and i cant drill down the part thats lifted because its like all around the edges most times.

  22. Beautiful design! But watching you clean the stamper with nail polish remover really hurt me ? over time it'll damage the surface of clear jelly stampers. Using a little lint roller works perfectly ?

  23. I tried painting my sisters nails once and it was so hard

  24. You've gotten super good at that kind of stamp! Love those nails <3

  25. I'm moving to Victoria and can not wait until I can get my nails done at your salon ! This channel got me into getting my nails done and I'm so excited for the honor!

  26. The design is beautiful! It's so satisfying to watch the stamping. I want to buy a kit for myself.
    Your videos are so relaxing and enjoyable.

  27. That shape is my favorite on you! 🙂

  28. Cristine needs that stamping-plate!!! ???

  29. I love Zoya polishes! (Not just because it’s my pupper’s name either) They have a great range of colors

  30. I just love your vids Suzy!! Keep em coming!!!. So beautiful and talented.

  31. I watch your videos because they are so soothing and entertaining. I was surprised to see you use Zoya in this video. You usually use gel polish. Zoya is one of the only nail polishes I wear (other than ILNP holos) I own 110 bottles. 🙂 Fantastic video.

  32. Love your videos! Someone already mentioned it but use a lint roller or tape to clean the stamper so it doesn't get cloudy on you because of chemicals. Thank you for sharing!

  33. Suzie can you please review either the eBay or wish acrylic nail set

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