Fall Makeup Hair & Outfit Ideas l Christen Dominique

Hi everyone!! Its almost fall!!! yay I’m way to excited when this time of year comes around! I love the scents and warm cozy feels… Oh and i can’t forget Pumpkin Spice lattes!!! Whats your fav fall drink? let me know below: )

Outfit Details:

Makeup Details:


  1. love your outfit and makeup. ??

  2. you're soooo pretty and you're so good at doing makeup!!

  3. My hair has been thinning for a few years now. This Argan Rain shampoo is incredible. It's been making my hair thicker and healthier.

  4. in my heart I am a fall girl

  5. Argan rain %100 organic shampoo.. Really very perfect.

  6. You girl are soooooo gorgeous!!:)

  7. I'm here trying to do my hair but wao is so difficult.

  8. You look like Megan Montaner! ?

  9. You truly inspire me so much! Your doing amazing ✨✨

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  11. I like you using your ipsy bag products to create your looks 🙂 please film more

  12. How have I just stumbled upon your channel I am totally in love

  13. just found you and had a marathon of your videos…absolutely adore everything <3

  14. New subscriber! I'm so glad that I found you. I'm obsessed! You are drop dead gorgeous 🙂

  15. I absolutely love all the colors you used in this tutorial!!! You are so gorgeous!

  16. I tried to find this same sweater online on F21, but i can't find it:((((((( 

  17. In Love with this video! Ur my Role Model with this lookbook,makeup look:)

  18. You look like Lucy Watson from made in Chelsea xx

  19. That makeup look is just gorgeous !

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