Fall Makeup Look | Morphe X KathleenLights Palette

Here is a new fall makeup look tutorial featuring Morphe’s new Kathleen Lights Palette!

Morphe X Kathleen Lights Palette
MAC Fix Plus
Maybelline Black Track Eyeliner
Glossy Makeup Abu Dhabi Lashes
Loreal Voluminous Mascara
Elcie Pearl Radiance Primer
Hourglass Vanish Foundation

Taste Shape Tape Concealer
RCMA No Color Powder
Anastasia Brow Definer
MAC Give Me Sun
MAC Sweet Copper Compact
Anastasia Fudge Gloss
Makeup Forever Mist & Fix

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  1. Jaclyn I want you to know that I've been following you for a year now and I like to watch your videos every day because you are one of my favorite YouTube or's and I really have to tell you that I love your techniques you are one of the most talented girls out there you are amazing at everything you do you were so right when you said this is what I'm good at you not good you are absolutely stunning what you do super ass talented I have to tell you that I love make up on my live has been a huge part of my life and I'm a person that can you not get out of the house because I'm disable and I have a very tough life because I have a lot of conditions and they all about pain and no energy at all but it makes my life happy and easier watching your videos every day and the learning laughing and having a great time one of my dreams is to meet you and for you to do my make up one day so I can't remember how pretty are used to look before when I used to do my make up my hair my nails I was a nail tech I'm very good at hair because my mom was always a hairdresser and I learn a lot from her so I'm very good at hair but I don't think I'm no that great at make up but I defend myself but I learned a little and a little more every day that I watch you just set that I just want to congratulate you and just wish you the best every day and every year of your life, in your career is going to be so many good things out there for you Jackie I really feel that from the bottom of my heart you are an amazing human being and I really loving personality sending you much much love and a huge hug hug Jacly…. ? and sending you lots of good wishes and love ❤️ God always bless you… Leemarie I'm originally from Puerto Rico but I'm living right now in Savannah Georgia

  2. Jaclyn….you are just the sweetest..goofiest..yet most AMAZING makeup artist!! Your videos just bring a smile to my face *HUGS * xoxo Gina

  3. I love them ho love kathleen!?

  4. "NO WING TO CUT A BITCH" exactly why i – don't do makeup – watch Jaclyn

  5. K, "Fudge" did NOT turn out this gorgeous for me. ? it straight up looked like brown craft paint ?. "Vamp" worked as a nice substitute for my complexion.

  6. 4:01 when Jaclyn talks about being in love with the pukey brown color and now she has a color in her palette called pukey <3

  7. hmmmm Oct 2016 right around the time you were supposed to drop your pallet . love you both xox

  8. my sister is making me do her makeup for her so im watching this lol

  9. anyone know what eyelash glue jaclyn uses?

  10. What shade was your foundation? love the color

  11. I seriously doubt this will get read but I must ask your hair color formula here I just love it soooo much!!

  12. God!!! Hands down the best !!!!!! The haters can hate all they want! You are still the queen! Sooooo flawless, yet not over done!??

  13. what music is this in the beginning?!

  14. I loveeee your makeup girl!!!! You should do a tutorial, on how you clean all of your brushes. =)

  15. I bought these earrings you have on in this video . I was back and forth about buying these , but once I saw how you styled them, it was a MUST for me. One of my most priciest purchases ever, but You are my style inspo ❤️

  16. تابعو قناة نور ستارز حتى توصل 4ميليون مشترك


  18. Just received this palette and I'm obsessed! I filmed a tutorial in my latest video. If you're interested, it is on my channel now!

  19. I tried getting a pair of cheap elf lashes & duo glue. I wear glasses ? & I don't like the feeling of them. They obscured my vision & itched were sooo heavy I ripped them off after like 2-3 hours. Couldn't wait to get them off my eyes. Mascara is all some dolls can do. I love that "baby pukey brown" hah you are great I have the Jaclyn Hill Faves, Kathleen Lights, & 35O Morphe palettes I could see Morphe palettes becoming an addiction. I love MAC Fascinating. I missed whisper of gilt. Great video you look great it turned out great. Beautiful!!

  20. any idea what shade of foundation she used?

  21. The way you have me in tears when you do faces and voices, lmao reminds me of myself…very pretty I love your videos. I watch them everyday and tonight is the night I start to actually put makeup on and see what happens ??

  22. How do you edit your videos?

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