Fall Makeup Tutorial | LOVEEMANDA


  1. Lip shade name on top of cap 🙂

  2. In love with your makeup ?❤️

  3. Love the look! When you put on concealer and stared and the camera saying, "I think I put too much" I laughed so hard ????? I also thought you did but you made it work!!! Love the eye look! Missed you! Can't wait to see more??❤️❤️??????

  4. That lip color looks stunning on you!

  5. Can you make a similar one but more natural/ everyday look with the modern renaissance!???

  6. My favorite???? always beautiful ????????snapfamily?

  7. can u please figure out the lip color

  8. I LOVED THIS LOOK!!!! ????? you're so gorgeous Manda! ❤️ and those colors look reeeeally beautiful on you!! …I'll definitely have to try this look myself ??❤️ THANKSSS!!! & tons of love from Chicago & Snap!!! #SnapFam ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Um the shade name was at the top of the cap

  10. Yass sis coming back with a bang ??

  11. ❤️ this fall makeup look , so freaken prettyyy ??

  12. Where is the dazzle pallet from please tell me girl !

  13. You are so pretty!!! Love the lip color!

  14. What your lip shade color????

  15. Blessing us with your presence again, thank you gorgeous!!!

  16. @loveemanda. YOOO Do you watch makeup along with makeup? I think the vid sounds quiet, add some of my songs youtube com/XimerTracks

  17. Golden lady ✨✨❤️ Heeey from Morocco ??


  19. Glad you're uploading again???

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