1. I love all of your outfits, they gave me some outfit inspiration for the fall.

  2. You look like a combination of Nikki Reed, Lea Michelle and a little bit of Vanessa Hudgens! Love you, Tess!! ❤️

  3. she looks soooooo good with basic/lazy clothesss ????

  4. I just discovered you and I totally love you

  5. Is lulus only an online store??

  6. tess wearing braids is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  7. Tess can you do video how to style black jacket please. <3

  8. giiiirl!! i LOVE your style. especially that white sweater and the jeans you wore on sunday. omg and the laced up jeans. and the green oversized bomber jacket! AHHH

  9. I really loved this video!! <3

  10. this are my favv videos ever

  11. I love the arrows!! And my favorite outfit was Friday's 😉

  12. Love your wednesday and friday outfit!! Wish I lived in a country with 4 seasons sigh

  13. Sold me on the boots. There goes my money $$$$

  14. I love Tuesdays oufit it gives me so many ideas

  15. yesss i need more videos like this

  16. What are the exact short booties you were wearing throughout this video? I know you posted similar ones but I can't find the exact ones for the life of me…are they sold out? Thanks! Obsessed with your style btw..i wish I could pull off some of these trends the way you do so effortlessly =)

  17. love the video! have you been able to wear these outfit with the current temperature? going to nyc this week and dont want to freeze!

  18. Anybody have a "knockoff" or similar hat that she wears for Saturday? Lol aint nobody got time for $65 hat lol

  19. I love the Lulu's boots! (: What are the exact ones you got? I see the link says "shop similar".

  20. I love so much your videos, they're not too long, your style is amazing.I am french and you make me wanna go to New-York,everytime you film a video in this city, love you!

  21. Are those over the knee boots really $800?? ?

  22. WOW wow wowoowowWOW well done!!! i love every single outfit and the colors you wore are so beautiful and perfect for fall

  23. which lipstick are using in this video?

  24. Really like the outfit with the red top and denim jeans! The boots are perfect btw

  25. I love these videos u literally give me sooo much inspiration

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