Fall Smokey Eye With A Pop Of Color (Drugstore Products) | Jaclyn Hill

Morphe Eyeshadows – 13 & 71
Loreal Smoldering Plum
NYX Eyeshadow ‘LOL’
Maybelline Gel Liner
Ardell Whispie Lashes
Loreal Lumi Foundation

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
Anastasia Banana Powder
Anastasia Brow Wiz
Loreal Golden Emerald
Hard Candy Tiki
Jane Bronzer ‘Inspire’ 
NYX Blush ‘Bittersweet’
Milani Lipstick ‘Nude Creme’


  1. + Jaklyn Hill that is how I used to do my eyeshadow but yours looks way bomb. I want your green eyes ?✌

  2. Love the eyeshadow look very beautiful but I kind of can't tell once you put the foundation and stuff on you are in pain thank you for still doing the video

  3. You could totally pull off Poison Ivy from Batman with this look and your hair! So pretty!

  4. wow I'm so dumb. this was 2 years ago lmfao!!

  5. Jaclyn yas these are the videos I like!!!! so you;!!!!!! reminded me of the teal eyeliner tutorial. MY FAV. I went and bought all those products. except the gel pot eyeliner teal color bc it was expensive so I got a coloupop one!!!!!

  6. I am obsessed with this eye look!!! I feel like a creeper because I printed out a close up of your eyes so I can re-create it tomorrow! Thank you for the inspiration =)

  7. 2014 was your prime for makeup tutorials!

  8. Was I the only one cringing while she was applying her foundation like omg I can't imagine how much it hurts ?

  9. This is sooo pretty!! But I already know if I tried it I would fail so bad…

  10. morphe pallet is not a drugstore item

  11. you said drugstore you used mac , Anastasia and morphe that isn't drugstore so…

  12. I love this this look!! It is amazing!! <3

  13. Opp another video with a lot of your all time favorite drugstore products from your most recent video lol

  14. Hands down you are my number one favorite youtuber and MORE IMPORTANTLY you inspire me in my everyday life. Thank you for who you are and what you've done in the beauty world. I think you are amazing both inside and out. Thank you for making my love of makeup ok! You have helped me not only find but accept passion. You deserve everything you have achieved. I love you with my whole heart. Jae

  15. I've legit been watching your videos since 7p.m. and it's now 1:30 a.m. I should probably head to bed haha I love your channel, your personality and your talent is incredible. Keep it up and don't let the negative comments get to you xoxox

  16. Genius, this eye looks like it took so much effort,U Kill It GIRL, LOV IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. please do a fav brush video!! ???

  18. Hey Jaclyn, can u please different with different colors.tje colors u use are mostly for fair skinklllllll

  19. The makeup look is nice but it kinda seems like drag makeup.

  20. I LOVE this tutorial, how have I never seen it before?

  21. a year later and I finally see this video ha-ha. it's cool tho. I'm digging this look, you make it look so simple tho ha-ha I'm like all over when I attempt lol but its all good try and try again as they say. as for the 'haters' where exactly are you professionally done makeup tutorials? I would love your advice since y'all so legit #justsayin 😉

  22. Hi Jaclyn, nope, I live in Danvers, mass. and it has been in the high 80's…………so no leather jackets and boots yet…..just letting you feel better about that !!!!  Love you !!!!

  23. i love this and im sooo excited that i can replicate it because its affordable makeup 🙂 thanks jaclyn!!

  24. Same thing you are going through now but last year!! Stop using the self tanner on your face! Hahahah love this even though I saw it last year!! ?

  25. OMG you are so amazing and I watch you all the time. Have learned so much not perfect yet but a step closer. I tried this look but when i add another color to blend on crease the plum colors comes off. What should i use to keep it on??

  26. You look SO good with a tan!!!!!

  27. im soo happy thanks for.making these videos i keep coming back to them since I can only afford drugstore products they are soo gorgeous but that doesnt stop me from watching all your videos.love you jacklyn ??

  28. I'm a new follower, just subscribed yesterday. && I'm obsessed!!!! literally watch you for like 5~6 hrs straight. I love lovvvve you! keep doing what you're doing! I find your vids so uplifting and helpful. thanks!

  29. I love your vids , but this said drugstore … morphe isnt at the drugstore

  30. Okay so, transition shade only in the crease or in the crease AND all over the lid? My small daughter froze and squealed in delight when she saw this look, we love you Jaclyn!! <3

  31. No matter what foundation i use my skin never looks tha good 🙁

  32. Yes! I agree ah more drug store prod!

  33. Your tutorials are THE best, though i'm pretty good at doing my makeup, it's never as flawless on me when I'm done… man you're so good!!!!

  34. Oh my gosh stumbled across this and love it!!! ???

  35. How did I miss this video ? Love love!!

  36. HI! I know that I probably should've asked this on a recent video but I will most likely forget lol. I just wanted to know what eyelash glue you use?

  37. Stunning! Love this look, off to find my smoldering plum 😀

  38. Do you think you could please do more colorful looks and less warm tones. Love all you do by the way. You are wonderful. I love how well you explain everything.

  39. it makes no sense how gorgeous you are without makeup……like wtf lol

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