Smokey Eyes makeup Tutorial




  • ⇢Gabyros Makeup R209 Brush
  • ⇢ Zoeva 227 Brush
  • ⇢ Dose of Colors Pencil Brush
  • ⇢ ABH A25 brush
  • ⇢ Makeupgeek Blending Brush (No Name)
  • ⇢ Morphe M504 Brush
  • ⇢ Makeup Addiction Duo Fibre Blending Brush
  • ⇢ Morphe E36 Brush
  • MAC 242 Brush

Love you guys! ♡ ♡


  1. Totally gorgeous look!!:) Absolute art of perfection!! 🙂

  2. You look like beyonce in this make up tutorial.

  3. I found your channel just a few days ago. Love your tutorials.

  4. Love it just saw two videos and right away love how you blend your makeup ? ❣️

  5. I absolutely love the eye looks you create. You have so many different ones to choose from and they are all beautiful. It's also nice that you take so much time to explain in detail how you're creating them; it makes them so much easier to replicate (or practice with in my case – I'm getting better though). I generally watch two or three; and sometimes far more of your videos every morning as I have my coffee and before I do my makeup – I can see the difference in how it looks every time and it's such an improvement. I just need to get some of the brushes you use to really do it right. Thanks so much for taking time to do these videos and use so many variations!

  6. Brianna fox did this look first. However, yours looks cleaner

  7. I just love Ur eye makeup tutorials????

  8. I really like this palette!!! More than the other one. I don't get why it has so much hate.

  9. You really just can't ever do a bad look. Love everyone of them. ?❤

  10. شكو

  11. I never understand why you don't have a bigger following, you should have like 2 million plus!! You post such awesome content frequently. I love all your looks !! ❤️

  12. So beautiful going to wear to work tomorrow! Yes more eye looks with subculture!

  13. Looovin' these colours! Fabulous eye look! ?

  14. I loved it….can u plz tell me if u utilize that filtered lighting for ur videos?

  15. Her eyes remind me of Jaclyn Hill's if Jaclyn knew how to blend out eyeshadow!

  16. Somehow I can still see it patchy no hate because you're amazing at blending. I've been debating and I just decided it's a pass for me. I've tried it in store many times and I did this method too but somehow I can slightly see the blotchy ness.

  17. If you have the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette I would love a tutorial using it!

  18. WOW, beautiful look, as usual!! I'm so amazed at how talented you are, and your blending skills! That palette had poor reviews but, you managed to almost convince me to reconsider buying it!!?? I LOVE all ur tutorials so much b/c the looks are achievable & practical!! You deserve so much more recognition for your talent & work, than what your getting! I'm so glad to have found your channel, and am trying to save up to support you and purchase your gorgeous lashes. It's taking me a little while, being a single/working-mom of a 3yr.old but, I love supporting passionate & genuinely talented artists, like yourself! (*Pssst… With all do respect, and NOT trying to be rude AT ALL, I believe that the MAC Paint Pot that you use is spelled "Soft OCHRE" vs. "ocher". I'm sorry, I'm very OCD, and am an over-analyzer (lol?)! Please don't take my "correction" the wrong way, or anything more than just a friendly observation of an oversight!?)

  19. This is really beautiful! I am excited to have a new way to use that palette!

  20. I just finished doing this and it worked beautifully! Thank you! ??

  21. For all the people who don't like this palette, tell me why when I see beautiful looks like this, I know exactly what palette it came from???
    I love this palette. There's no way in hell I would return it. The shades & colors are so distinctive and unique…. there's no other like ❤❤❤❤????

  22. Aun no empieza el video y ya le estoy dando me gusta, realmente haces muy buen trabajo y me gusta la combinacion de colores. has un tutorial utilizando tono azules.

  23. Please when you’re using palettes name them in your title so that when we search a look for a specific palette your tutorials will come up! ????

  24. How professional! Can't get enough of your videos <3 <3

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