FALL SUNFLOWER NAIL ART / LifeWorldWomen Collab With Diya NailartLoom

Elegant Fall #Nailart With Sunflower Design: Today’s nail art video is a collaboration Fall nails tutorial with Diya NailartLoom.

First apply base coat to protect your natural nails.
Paint your ring and thumb nails light brown and the other nails dark brown like coffee – The dark nails have to be wet when we do the pattern.

I put glitter polish blobs over the wet base then by a toothpick I fix the pieces.
Over the light nails I paint sunflower, using pastel yellow nail polish and striping brush.

Let the pattern dry a little, then paint another layer by using ordinary yellow nail polish.
By a dotting tool paint brown spot in the middle of the flower.

By a small dotting tool paint black points in the middle.
Finally apply top coat to protect your manicure from peeling and to keep it shiny and glossy.

Thanks for watching! đŸ™‚


  1. Linnndassss¡¡!! gracias

  2. mais vĂ­deos com flor, porfavor ?????

  3. such an adorable design.

  4. hello mam…very nice design…I love sun flower design….????????????????????????????????

  5. Will definitely try these one. From Darshi

  6. Woowwww so nice video ,, plzz view your face on video

  7. Love these nails! These are so beautiful and neat! ????

  8. This came out so pretty, sunflowers are

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