Thanks for watching! *Stay tuned for a “What to wear in the snow” outfit video soon!

Outfits *If not linked it is out of stock!

  1. Coat: Moon River *Hopefully they restock
    Sweater: ASOS- Similar Ones Linked here
    Jeans: Levi’s
  2. Bomber Jacket: ASOS
    Sweater: Elliatt
    Leggings: Zara
    Booties: Steve Madden
  3. Jeans- BlankNYC
    Coat- ASOS (So many similar ones)
    Sweater: LPA
    Booties: Steve Madden
  4. Coat: Moon River
    Sweater: JOA
    Jeans: GRLFRND
    Shoes: FRYE
  5. Coat: Rag & Bone
    Sweater: ASOS
    Jeans: Paige
    Booties: Kendall & Kylie
    Hat: SIMILAR


  1. You should do a Canadian winter survival guide hashtag fashion

  2. Hey im from Wisconsin too,love ur style

  3. At 0:19 you see the coat that is pink velvet the SAME EXACT OUTFIT has been in 3 videos the only difference is accessories like scarfs or rings

  4. You're one of my fav bloggers <3

  5. Omggg your outfit videos are amazing I swear and I love watching all of your videos you seem to be a very nice person and I'd lov to meet you onand day … thanks for making my day ❤❤❤

  6. Where can I buy the Elliat sweater?

  7. my name is Alissa morris I love you your video your so cool your my idol #LOL

  8. Hey Tess! What size did you wear in the ASOS Velvet Bomber Jacket? I want mine to fit like yours fits you. Thanks!!

  9. Hi Tess! I really want to buy some things from ASOS and I'm wondering what size mom jeans you usually get from there? Please let me know if you could!! 🙂

  10. Anyone know the name of her black Steve Madden booties?

  11. I absolutely love you and your videos Tess! They are my ultimate guilty pleasure and I could easily watch them for hours! Thank you for always being so honest and yourself in front of the camera xx

  12. Hey 🙂 What size are you wearing in general ? And what's the size of the express Suede Jacket? Loving your work!!

  13. Where did you buy your velvet jacket ?

  14. Same here because different clothes

  15. I love the video quality! to the creator of the vid…You have set the standard for me really high. I hope I can bring as great quality content as you do…and really compete!


  17. i love the velvet bomber jacket from Zara and I want to get it but idk if i should get a 2 or a 4. What size do you have?

  18. What lip color are you wearing?

  19. its so kind of you to take into account those followers that do live in low temperature areas, and that's why I admire you. 🙂

  20. I just love your videos, kisses from Germany ❤️

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