Fall-toned holo reciprocal X round gradient nail art


  1. You were holosexual back in 2017!!

  2. 56th video of my mission ?, all Cristine did was Gradients ????

  3. Can't believe this video was 2 years ago…

  4. nobody knows a bout this only 22 comments and about 600 likes

  5. no simply peel no talking I can't handle it

  6. cat. follows cristine on instagram


  8. Hi, I love all of ur work. Its all so beautiful. I think I have seen u use an orange stick to clean ur cuticle area, what exactly using to do that with?

  9. Soooo pretty! Wish I was talented as you! !!

  10. You are so talented!! ? ?
    I'd be so glad if i could even half of your talent ? ?
    Where did you learn to be so good at making nails ? ?
    (sorry for my english ?)
    I would be really happy if you would answer ?
    I wish you a great day and stay cool ?
    xxx Apple Cherry

  11. Cute and easy!

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