FALL Vampy Makeup Tutorial & Outfit

Hey Larlee’s here is a fall VAMPY AF Makeup Tutorial. I fall makeup is probably my favorite makeup. I love a good dark vampy look! I worn contacts in this video to really makeup my eyes pop, they are from desio! I hope you guys enjoy this makeup tutorial I used a lot of affordable products! Thanks for watching xo- Laura




  1. So beautiful and funny loved the look ???

  2. Doing this makeup look today ??? Love you Laura ❤❤❤

  3. Oooouu girl, you are slaying the look. I'm in love?

  4. That lip color is bomb ! And those contacs look so good on u

  5. So, I'm sure this is in the almost 16k comments but does anyone know if the lipstick she used in this tutorial (Toofaced liquid lipstick- drop dead red) has changed names? On the page Laura linked and Toofaced the only red I see is true red. #snapchatfam

  6. The music in the beginning made me think there was something wrong with my macbook ?

  7. you are so beautiful laura? everything about you is so PERFECT! ?

  8. I wish I looked even 1/16 as good as you do in Drop Dead Red. 🙁 It turned mega brown on my lips and looked funky….oh well! I will be trying out the eyeshadow look though! 🙂

  9. hands down your my favorite youtuber♡♡

  10. How did you do your eyebrows thoooo?!

  11. Man Laura I thought something was wrong with my sound ?? that's a relief ???

  12. but I love this look Laur!??

  13. I thought there was something wrong with my headphones at the beginning of the video.
    But nope just a dope intro song
    Love your vids Laura ?

  14. Hey guys! Watch my video to see how i got FREE makeup by using an app! (Make sure to read the description box under my video)

  15. Where did you get your contacts from they look so amazing on you??

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