Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Hi guys, in this video Iā€™m sharing with you my fall wardrobe essentials for 2016! These are the staple pieces in my closet that carry me through the entire season. I can pair each one of these 5 essentials with literally anything else in my fall closet and feel 100% put together and fashionable. Links to everything I could still find below!


  1. Beautiful clothes~~~ do you mind filming a video of your work out routine?

  2. Glad I found you, in the same thumbnail with Cuacua.. I subbed.

  3. Over the knee and booties are my fall staples. Great video. Love the makeup!

  4. A great pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots are my absolute must haves in the fall time! I also agree with the cozy sweaters, I live in them when it gets chilly here in Europe šŸ˜‰

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