Falling Glitter Placement Nails

New Year’s nail art! Glitter Placement nails! Glitter Tear nail tutorial! Please Share! if you enjoyed this video! XOXO



  1. Nice design? can u plz tell me the approximate size (in mm) of your sequins. plz tell.

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  3. This one is looking sooooo nys yaar??

  4. Wow….Major Props… from doing this…one at a time… I honestly thought it was glitter polish like the ombre effect … ???

  5. stunning!! could you please recommend a remover for easy removal of glitter nail polish? I love glitter polish but always struggle to remove it. thanks!

  6. is beautifull but take long to do this

  7. how toothpick pick the glitter easily my glitters are fall

  8. love thisss ?????

  9. Beautiful…..thanks for sharing ?

  10. So pretty!!

  11. Great idea with the fill on glitter I like the idea of filling them in yourself because it's a fun experiment! Thanks for the great video happy new year! 🙂

  12. Hannah id love u to show us more tricks on how to solve some nail art problems such as design corrections, strip fails and such

  13. your natural nails are so gorgeous! hopefully if you have time you can upload an updated nail care routine ☺️ I always love your videos, they are so consistent and well put together ❤️❤️

  14. Hannah, Your nail tutorials are the best! <3

  15. très beau faut être très patiente pour faire se nail art

  16. who's doing this for new years?

  17. love this, but i have no patience for this 🙁

  18. can you make a video of your whole nail polish collection? I'd love to see it❣ Love you and your videos, you are so inspiring❤ happy New year!

  19. You deserve so much more subscribers! I love your work! ❤?

  20. So pretty! I agree that for this look placing the glitter is much better aesthetically than dipping!! ???

  21. this is litt going to do this

  22. Is anyone able to find these types of glitter in a store? Look at sally beauty, target and JoAnn's but only found fine glitter. There is a large multipack at Walmart but I'd prefer to just get a small container.

  23. Super idea <3 Beautiful!!!

  24. Beautiful. I love your nails so much!! xx

  25. Wow ! I love this nail art !

  26. So beautiful! How long did it take to do all of your nails?

  27. Ahh Hannah this is just gorgeous. I need to try this ASAP! Happy New Year from Australia xxx

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