Fashionable Nails – Transformation!


  1. en español lo entendería mejor 😀 pero la verdad haces un trabajo súper Hermoso me encanta tus vídeos 🙂

  2. From one manicurist to another you are "Awesome " Love your techniques.

  3. How much is for this full set

  4. Stunning work! Love these ????

  5. Ur actually really better than susie..plz dnt study michelle rowe an keep doin wat ur gud at..

  6. I love my acrylic think! Idk what people talking about ? no likes a stingy nail tech

  7. your LOYAL subscribers that don't flip flop are waiting for some more videos because the last one you did was before Christmas and before your trip to Egypt!

  8. love ur work what kind of monomer do u use?

  9. Wanted to ask you when a client goes and wants a different color acrylic how do u change? Do u just file out or do new set

  10. what type of utensil do you use to pick up/place the rhinestones??

  11. can you do a beauty and beast inspired nail? stained glass effect. thank you.

  12. One and a half to three hours?!! My goodness!!!!!

  13. I have the biggie nights acrylics too

  14. How much do you charge for your work? What will be an estimate of a full set

  15. Very nice work! I would love to see you name and link all the products you are using. Thanks!

  16. I don't think you apply the acrylic thick? idk what are ppl complaining about. To me, when you have long nails like that you need a little more acrylic for support. If you want something natural, then have a regular manicure.

  17. estan super hermosas esas uñas ? me gustaria que tus videos estuvieran en español?✋

  18. Did you know your nail studio background is the exact replica of Nail Career Education's

  19. Looks so beautiful and professional!!!?

  20. Hi girls, if you like, you can subscribe to my channel, I do nail decorations, thank you, thank you.

  21. Her set is similar to Suzie's, but different enough that she has made it hers. I love the way she does nails. You don't see many nail artists do it this way. I like her and appreciate her talent.

  22. Incapsulating incapsulating incapsulating. Omg

  23. How much do you charge for acrylic nails ?

  24. Love the nails ! ? I love the rings where can I get them pls

  25. What shape is your nail? Btw?❤️

  26. When you change the design of nails like these, would you remove the plum nails and reapply a new tip? Same question for your glitter nails. Can you do a fill with these? Or do you have to remove the nail tip and start over?

  27. Gorgeous work! i'm tired of going to these mediocre nail salons leaving unsatisfied. I am pretty good with hands especially when it comes to things of the arts. So I will definitely attempt to try these techniques at home. I'm making my list already!

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