This fast morning workout will help you get a total body morning workout in a very short span of time. If you liked our popular 8 Minute Morning Workout video you’re going to love this quick morning workout too. This is a fat burning morning workout that will also help you build muscle. Do this every morning and you’ll be on your way to strong and lean!

This morning HIIT workout includes only 4 moves. But the hitch with this morning fitness routine is that you are looking to do a lot of rounds. If you are a beginner try to do 2-5 rounds of this morning weight loss workout. If you’re intermediate you can try to do 5-8 rounds of this morning fitness routine. And if you’re more advanced try doing 8-10 rounds of this full body morning workout. If the moves in this morning routine are unfamiliar to you, try them before attempting the complete morning workout.

If you are looking to get a complete program full of fat burning morning workouts – of course they can be done any time of the day – check out our complete MAX/Shred fat burning and lean muscle building program

Here are the exercises that make up our best morning workout:

1) Jack Tap Pushup
2) Kettlebell Thrusters
3) 20 Jumping Jacks
4) Dumbbell Squat Punches


  1. I like those push ups with the heel click.

  2. Looks like a great workout, definitely going to try it ? Thank you

  3. Hey. Great videos!!! do u have a morning stretch that will benefit us before we start our day?

  4. I really don’t get what are the benefits of working out while fasting. When I don’t eat enough carbs during the day, I feel dizzy and have headaches, I only imagine how worse it would be if I had not eaten anything

  5. I am definitely going to try this every morning. This is really good and great workout. ?

  6. Good Workout For Morning Routine # Great Job ???

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