Faux Blowout for a Weekend Getaway

Revolutionize the way you use your flat iron! I hope you guys love this faux blow out! All Schwarzkopf products are available exclusively at Walmart.

★What I’m Using:★

  • ULTIME Biotin + Volume & Texture Mousse (http://bit.ly/1y9rlx0)
  • ULTIME Crystal Shine & Hold Heat Protectant and Shine Spray (http://bit.ly/1AO5ahU)
  • ULTIME Satin Frizz Control & Protect Nutri-Nectra Beauty OIl (http://bit.ly/1xL3Dbr)

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Shirt: J Crew
  • Lips: Maybelline Mattes in Darlingly Nude
  • Bag: Target
  • Sunglasses: Forever 21


  1. the music makes it seem so dramatic. XD

  2. So much time spent for such a little difference

  3. Hey how many days this hair style should stay? thanks ?

  4. Didn't know they have schwarzkopf in america!:D

  5. Omg this is mind blowing amazing! I tried it and thought it would take forever but actually took no time at all! I'm defintley going to put this into my daily hair routine! Thank you so much!

  6. this would be  great if my hair wasnt so curly and frizzy it wont work for my hair … sadly

  7. seria bueno que pusieras colocarles sustitulos a tus videos.. son geniales tus ideas jeje aunque solo vea y no pueda entender 😀

  8. You look so beautiful ❤️ and your hair is gorgeous

  9. Thank you so much for posting this!! I started doing this and got so many compliments on my hair!!

  10. Excellent advice

  11. I'm sure you've heard this a million and one times, but you look so much like Bridget Mendler! Beautiful!

  12. I wish I could dry my hair like that and not have it get all frizzy or poofy right away. 😛 I feel like I have plenty of volume naturally and it's just how to tame it to get it smooth to work with in styling. 

  13. love the way this video was filmed and edited, also your hair is so beautiful, love it love t love it

  14. I LOVED THIS! I have been DYING for this look for ever but cannot handle the round brush. I have japanesed hair that is growing out so its much easier to use the flatiron. It really made my hair look fantastic. For everyone complaining about how much longer it takes, blowdrying my own hair which requires repeating pieces is tedious and tiresome for my arms. I put mousse in my hair dry and it made the roots damp and I just quickly blow dried it before I straightened. Thank you so much for showing me this. It not unoriginal is like a hack and who cares if you teamed up with some company.. it comes along with your talent.

  15. Hi +Kayley Melissa you are such an inspiration and positive force. Thank you for being your beautiful self and sharing your skills with us.

  16. I'm so happy that you are getting sponsored! You have been working so hard to get where you are! The whole video I was thinking "look at her! She is getting sponsored. Looks like she is having fun!" I think I was focusing so much on the production, presentation, critiquing how you compared to yours and other advertisement videos and think that you did a very good job! I have seen hair advertisements before your videos and I thought you did a good job still being you! I liked the idea that you were packing up and getting away, makes me want to do the same thing and do my hair like that today, although I don't have time now :). Yes it was different from what you normally do and I did feel that you getting sponsored has skewed your idea of the product. BUT you did disclaim in the description everything you needed to AND you tried the products before and liked them personally. That being said, NO HARM NO FOUL. As long as you still do your unsponsored videos you will still be loved by all. Don't worry about what others say, you do you! Very happy for you KayleyMelissa

  17. Your hair is Amazing!! Can't wait to try this method out!! 🙂 <3

  18. Kayley, I love how creative you are! I tried this last night, and I couldn't get my front pieces to curve back the way yours do. They just followed the same shape as the rest of my hair, even though I pulled them out in front to flat iron them. Those front pieces are what makes this style really stand out! Any ideas on how I could make it look like yours? 🙂 Thanks!!

  19. What kind of hair cut do you have?

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