Feather Hair Extensions: How to buy, apply, and rock them ;)!

Just a quick overview of all the pertinent info I could think of! I hope it’s helpful and happy feathering ;).


  1. +Kaley Melissa How do you care for them, wash with shampoo?

  2. Great tutorial – one thing though – I don't think you have to replace the micro links every 4-6 weeks – I usually just open them up, slide them up the hair and then close them again – does that depend on which micro links you use? 🙂

  3. you are pretty and I love your hair…!!!

  4. on amazon or ebay you can get kits with up to 50 feathers for about 8 dollars and they have everthing you need

  5. i love watching u, ur pretty and very sophisticated and just lovely!

  6. Great video! I made a video about feather hair extensions were you can see how to curl them with a flat iron. Please check it out!

  7. Wow, is this really a 10minute+ instructional video of some girl talking about her feathers and never actually showing a how-to?

  8. i want some more… i had some like 2 summers ago when they were in. but now i really want more just for fun but all the feathers onlne just dont look great

  9. I wear style strands now with my feathers, cause they are just like real highlights but you dont have to dye your hair. I bought ombre ones, but they have pastel highlights like peach and rose gold. They are awesome. You can go to stylestrands. com to see them. But you can buy hair feathers there too.

  10. Ja stimmt auch. Aber wenn man dann – wie heute – über Wirtschaft quatschen soll, ist alles weg 😮

  11. woah! where did u buy it from? can u tell me? like the link or name please?

  12. Es ist sooo anstrengend, wenn jemand einem auf Englisch 10 Minuten was ganz normales erzählt… Anders als im Unterricht. Hier WILL ich zuhören, aber manchmal check ich einfach nicht, worum es geht 😀 Mit dieser Zange oder so..,
    Anyway: Germany supports and loves you ♥

  13. While brushing can it pull out the extensions?

  14. i got mine in amazon 26 diffrent colors n all the kit for only 9buks.

  15. hopeeeee you sourced them ethically 🙂

  16. I know how you feel!!! Like, I have to part or move some parts of my hair just to make the feathers obvious. 🙁

  17. ebay! I looked at them on ebay and there were some amazing prices!

  18. be careful when brushing your scalp area cuz the bead will catch in the bristles

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