Feel-Good, Feel-Strong Yoga

After a long day, you deserve 30 minutes all to yourself. We’ve enlisted yogi Mandy Ingber to help get you long and lean. Much like what you’ll find in Mandy’s Yogalosophy DVD this sequence is designed to calm the mind while toning the body.


  1. This workout just blessed me. Probably the best yoga workout I’ve done because I not only broke a sweat, can feel my heart rate/cardio working, but my entire body feels stretched and I am so relaxed. Gonna do more videos from this guest instructor.

  2. Good routine…. however.. too fast through the Asanas . Just my personal preference, I and my body thrive the body connection that Yoga brings , I cannot connect with my body with this fast paced routine. Thank you … ?

  3. How much calorie is burnt in this workout for once a session?

  4. It’s just a great training! It helps me to relax and gather strength after a working day. I recommend it to everyone who is tired of mental work.

  5. Where i can find her exercises of yoga?

  6. Nice set of asanas but won’t do this one again because of commentary on aging ( there is NOTHING wrong with aging, 46 years old? That’s old?) talking about Victoria Secret models ( who wants to be reminded about impossible standards of bodies when trying to quiet the mind?) and changing the body. Lastly, everyone’s arms are amazing, not just muscular arms.
    Yoga is not about changing the body. It is about aligning the body and mind with spirit. Our culture spends an unhealthy amount of time encouraging women to change their bodies. Bodies may or may not change while doing yoga. If we come to practice with this desire, it is a set up for not doing yoga or movement in general just because our body does not change. Please teach true yoga and don’t encourage young women to shoot for stopping aging or changing their already incredible, amazing bodies. They are miracles of life and a true yoga practice will come from an inner realization of connection with life and inner peace, regardless of the condition of the body.

  7. Thank you so much! That was fun!!!

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  9. This was a great yoga workout. Love all the variations in the salutations!

  10. a bit fast for beginners but good to follow the first 15 mins.

  11. Mandy is a great teacher and so positive. Love this ❤

  12. It would be fine if the woman on the left kept silent.

  13. So glad you changed the name! I love this workout and this name describes it perfectly. Now, I can share it on Facebook without having to tell people to ignore the name!

  14. These women are already totally very interested to read through them and have in reality been taking advantage of them.

  15. Thank you! BEST Yoga Ever!!! Merry Christmas and Namaste!!!

  16. Im highly highly recommend everybody try this videos. I woke up with pain in neck and back. Just 30 mins with this workout, every pain is gone! Thats a magic workout!

  17. This was the very first yoga video I tried. I come back it every so often I come to this practice to test (and reassure) myself to see how far I've come. While I've come leaps and bounds since I started yoga 2 years ago, this practice is still just as perfect for me now as it was then. Thank you. Namaste

  18. she looks old for 46. I would have guessed 60s

  19. This is an excellent work out for me with lower back pain and sciatica But I would like to ask ? I am also a fitness instructor , dancer and swimmer and I have ALOT of tension in the shoulders…. I get cramp in the shoulder whitest doing yoga especially in the standing and stretching moves. Please have you any advice ??

  20. i love Anna´s video absolutely love her, you've helped me so much thank you!! I love all the talking they really keep me going

  21. Too fast but it was really fun and challenging so when I was able to finish it it felt great! ?

  22. That girl is commenting and it's distracting. She was in the other video. Annoying and creepy sounds. Why would they have a microphone in the first place.

  23. I like the commenting, it distracts me from the hard work!!

  24. This work out is a keeper!! I loved it ❤?

  25. Wonderful video. Continue straight so.

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  27. Will there be more yoga videos like this? Absolutely loved it!

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