Felt Pen Nail Art – Step By Step Tutorial


  1. Gorgeous but much too time consuming.

  2. quick question; wht if u don't have "white gel polish" can u use matte instead …

  3. Hi Suzy! I'm a huge fan and I love, love, LOVE watching your videos!
    I have seen a few different techniques for this type of nail art. Though I have to say, I do like your technique, it is very clever. Do you think maybe if you were to use sharpies instead, the no-wipe gel top coat would not drag away the design? Just a thought. Keep up the good work! xoxo

  4. Love Your new set love the nail design and how easy it it

  5. Looks like a lot of fun to try! Going to do this with my 5 year old. 🙂 your new set is stunning ?

  6. what about more colors,try the striper brush,

  7. I didn't expect to like the purple but it looks amazing. It almost glows. For a second, I thought it was the reflection from her lamp.

  8. I love the idea and the design but Suzie please please please use a different scraper for the plates… and old plastic card does the trick also… the plates get scratched and ruined….

  9. Does any one agree that this kinda looks like marble

  10. Markers could be used with regular polish too. as a matter of fact, this is the first gel use I have seen

  11. That looks so summery. Love it. You are so creative!

  12. very interesting. I always enjoy your videos

  13. sound has too much echo but nice set

  14. I wish you were the voice on my Garmin. Or Siri. Your voice is so soothing to me.

  15. what if instead of brushing on the alcohol you sprayed it on with a little spray bottle. wonder what look that would give your nails.

  16. Girl I'm in Vegas in 117 degree heat and you got me praying for fall to get here faster with that color scheme! ❤️

  17. get well soon Suzie!! love with new nail design!❤️

  18. "Just a little bit of black"… puts black everywhere
    Love the end result!! xoxo

  19. me gustan mucho tus uñas trabajas muy bien las tima que no entiando el idioma

  20. You could definitely do an ocean scape with blues and greens…..and add tiny fish!

  21. Awesome vids.. hope you are feeling well..

  22. I love that design the stamp was so cool

  23. Yes!! Loved it!!! I'll deff try it out. Lots of love from Argentina!

  24. can you please try to polygel nails from gelish. ? ?

  25. OMG I love this nail design! I am definitely doing this 😉

  26. these are really pretty… maybe if you used a brown instead of the black it would blend a little bit better…. I am going to try this for sure….

  27. The nail where you added the purple looks perfect! It inspired me to try something similar in the future.

  28. hmmmm think i might have to give this a go, not with gels but with normal nail varnish, hopefully it would work. might do it on my toes for something different and summery!

  29. You look like a beautiful angel today. Your new background in gorgeous! I saw a flower and a flamingo tutorial using sharpies and a little gel residue wipe off solution, so totally possible to get a watercolour look xxx

  30. No need for notifications I'm always on YouTube

  31. can you do a camo nail video plz

  32. I cant wait to try this. When I do ill post it to instagram.

  33. Congratulations for the New room ???

  34. would love to see you use the pastel colored marker

  35. It looks like a great spring or summer nail look

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