Feminine Prom Updo

This style was inspired by Kate Middleton and her ladylike, but contemporary hairstyles. I love the balance of old and new in everything she does! I decided to do a side updo, because that’s what was the most requested!


  1. Your sister actually looks like Anna with the bun.

  2. your hair & your sisters hair is so healthy and flawless but is your hair color natural ??

  3. Omg it's soo nice and smooth the way I do the hair ,looove it

  4. OMG~ I love the way you do hair!!!! Where did you learn to do hair?

  5. I'm not lying guys but I've probably watched this vid like 20 times, I LOVE IT !!!!

  6. Love this 😀 but could u show us one like Caroline Forbes's hair at the senior year prom (the episode shown this week in the uk ) xxx

  7. Both of you looking soo cute……. Mwaaaaahxxx

  8. For graduation time can you do some videos that will look good with the cap on

  9. I'm gushing so much about the family resemblance and her lovely lovely smile <3

  10. I did one of your older "romantic" hairstyles for my prom!! I need something half-up-half-down for next year!
    This is beautiful.

  11. love u both! :)) natural beauties rulz 🙂

  12. I wish you could do my hair for prom 🙁 I have no idea what sort of updo would look good with my dress.

  13. Your sister looks like Shawn Johnson!

  14. wow! your sister's hairis SO thick! mine's like needle thin -_-

  15. i watch your tutorials with no intention of doing them i just love how you do hair

  16. i'm so glad that you started doing prom hair tutorials. you are amazing!!!!

  17. the result is so neat and not messy, I love it, I guess it's because you're doing it on someone's hair, so you're able to see and control what you're doing, also your sister is so pretty 🙂

  18. Is it possible to do this hair do on yourself?

  19. Also very different… These hairstyles make your tutorials stand out from so many I've seen

  20. If I wanted my hair colored like hers, what would I ask the stylist for? I love her hair so much!!

  21. Your whole family has beautiful hair! I'm so jealous o_o

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